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Where to stay in Riga - Latvia

Where to stay in Riga Latvia

Latvia’s capital city of Riga is enjoying a tourism resurgence lately, and has been called the “Baltic Berlin” thanks in part to a thriving cultural atmosphere and nightclub scene. The abundance of low-cost carrier flights, along with low prices, make Riga an excellent weekend getaway, or extended vacation destination. We’ve broken out the best Riga neighborhoods, and selected the best hotels in Riga, to help you decide where to stay in Riga Latvia. Keep in mind, Riga is not a huge city, so between walking around and using the trolleybus system, you can easily get around no matter where you…
21 Things to do in Riga - That People Actually Do!

21 Things to do in Riga – That People Actually Do!

Though this may be the first time you’re reading about Riga, it certainly won’t be the last. The Latvian capital is an up-and-coming destination that’s about to be on every traveller’s radar.  Riga is the largest city in the Baltics and perhaps the most fascinating to visit, even drawing comparisons to Berlin. Best known for its vibrant Art Nouveau architecture, Riga also has a plethora of trendy, artistic quarters ready to ignite your creativity. The lively pubs, contemporary eateries and bohemian boutiques combined with the charming cobblestone streets of the Old Town create a welcoming environment that won’t be easy…
The Ultimate Guide to Riga

The Ultimate Guide to Riga

Found on the windswept shores of the Baltic Sea in northern Europe, Riga is the largest city in and the capital of Latvia and one of the most vibrant and up and coming destinations to visit on the continent. As well as being Latvia’s largest city this is the largest urban center in the entire Baltics, and consequently, Riga has grown to become the region’s center of culture, art, commerce, and history, making it an exciting destination to explore. There are many museums explaining and exploring Latvia's often turbulent history, some excellent art exhibitions and galleries, and some wonderful local…