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15 Things to do in Mostar - That People Actually Do!

15 Things to do in Mostar – That People Actually Do!

Mostar is an ethnically diverse and historically fascinating city in southeastern Europe. Located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s the fifth-largest city in the country and one of the most popular travel destinations in the Balkans. Of course, everyone wants to see the Stari Most, the large stone bridge spanning the Neretva River. This medieval gem is full of Ottoman-style architecture and other Turkish influences combined with an abundance of vibrant modern street art. However, it’s also a city greatly affected by war, and you will certainly feel this lasting impact while walking through the streets.  The best time to visit Mostar is during spring or autumn. It's unbearably hot during the summer, and not very tourist-friendly during the winter. The shoulder months like May and October allow you to walk the streets and see the sights in comfort. Wondering what there is to see and do…
Ultimate Travel Guide to Sarajevo

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sarajevo

Sarajevo might well be one of the most off the beaten track cities to visit in Europe, but the Bosnian capital is also one of the most fascinating cities on the continent. Although its best known either as the site of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the spark that started the first world war, or for the brutal siege that levelled much of the city when Yugoslavia collapsed in the 1990s, Sarajevo is rising like a phoenix from the ashes to become a top tourist destination in the Balkans. This is where east meets west, where cultures, cuisines, and religions collide head on, and where the convoluted history is just as intriguing as contemporary life. It could be the most underrated city in the Balkans, so to inspire your next adventure, here's our ultimate travel guide to Sarajevo. Plan your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina Unsure about travelling during COVID?…
How To Explore Sarajevo in Two Days

How To Explore Sarajevo in Two Days

Sarajevo is a peaceful city, which is infamous for being the town where the World War I began. Well, that was more than a century ago and at present, tourists visit the city to view its old stone houses, beautiful architecture, mesmerizing landscapes, churches, mosques, and to relish the traditional Balkan cuisine. The best time to visit Sarajevo is in the months of May to September as the weather is pleasant and warm. However, during these months, it rains in Sarajevo. Generally in the month of May and June, you will experience heavy rainfall, so if you are traveling at that time then do not forget to pack your belongings in a waterproof backpack. The waterproof backpack will ensure that your stuff stays safe and protected during heavy rains. You should avoid visiting the city in the winter season that begins from the month of November to April as it…