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Camper Considerations – 5 Travel Necessities for the First Time Nature Explorer

There’s something endlessly thrilling about sleeping out in the bosom of Mother Nature.

It is especially exciting when you live in a region as beautiful as Victoria. From the Grampians to Wilsons Promontory National Park, the Rubicon River, Marysville, Walhalla, and more; if you want to get a little wild, Victoria is a great place to do it.

If you’ve never been wild camping before, but you’d like to go on your first adventure, you need a sturdy kit. Camping equipment can vary quite a lot when it comes to price, but there are plenty of affordable products on the market. This means that you can put together a kit without spending too much money. That way, you don’t lose out if it’s not for you.

This guide to all the things that you need for a safe, fun camping trip will help you get ready.

LED Flashlight 

One area where it is worth splashing the cash is a sturdy, powerful flashlight.

After all, high-performance torches aren’t just handy for camping. You can use them around the house and garden too. LED torches very durable, efficient, and reliable. So, you’ll never be caught without illumination when you really need it. This is important because accidents can occur when trying to traverse unfamiliar terrain in the dark.

Weatherproof Tent

First timer campers don’t usually have tents on hand, so they’ve got to go out and shop for one. This is easier than you might think, even though there is a huge range of products available. The most important feature is size. Make sure that you pick the right berth if you’re going on a trip with other people. It should have a waterproof coating and breathable fabric. If you’re worried about grappling with pegs and poles, opt for a pop-up tent.

Sleeping Gear 

You’ll also need a sleeping bag, even if it’s quite hot out. The nights can get surprisingly cold in Victoria, so you don’t want to be caught without a cosy sleep sack. It is up to you whether you buy a pillow, especially for camping. You can always just use your regular one and wash it when you get home. Ideally, you should have a roll mat too, because it won’t be comfortable lying directly on the ground. Roll mats are thin foam or rubber surfaces for extra cushioning.

Camping - Food and cooking


Most people like to do a bit of wild cooking on their camping trips.

In Victoria, however, you have to be very careful about lighting fires. You must follow the rules which apply to the area, so make sure you know what they are before you embark. Flouting these restrictions can lead to disastrous consequences for wildlife. Some states have permitted and restricted periods throughout the year. Check which ones applies to you.


If you have checked the rules and fires are permitted, you can either build a campfire or take a portable stove out with you. You’ll need cutlery, plates, bowls, metal skewers (for kebabs or marshmallows), and tumblers for drinks. Don’t forget to pack a tin opener in your bag or you might end up going hungry. Generally, a camping stove is a safer, easier option. They come in their own carry case and can be prepared and ready to cook in minutes.

Why Camping Should Be Your Next Big Adventure

Camping is a fun and easy way to enjoy the great outdoors.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of preparation and you don’t even have to roam too far from your house. The important thing is that you embrace the call of the wild. Build a campfire, tell spooky stories, eat melted marshmallows, and lie back beneath a big, wide sky.

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