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Camera Vs Camera Phone, Choosing The Best When Travelling.

Camera Vs Camera Phone, Choosing The Best When Travelling.

There are factors that you should consider whether to travel with a camera or smartphone camera. Consider, who you are travelling with. Whether you are travelling alone or with your friends and if they also bring their cameras. Consider the place you are travelling to; is the place going to provide challenging photo opportunities or are you going to become a target by wearing an expensive camera on your neck. Here are some of the features of cameras and smartphone cameras to help you make a decision.

Camera Vs Camera Phone, Choosing The Best When Travelling.

The Pros and Cons of a Camera. 


  1. Amazing Photo Quality.

One of the reasons why most people prefer the camera to smartphone cameras is picture quality. The quality of pictures you will be taking while travelling will be far much better and you will also be able to capture a broader variety of the surroundings. The compact or DSLR cameras enables you to take those hard-to-get night shorts.

The quality type of an image is mainly determined by the lens quality and size of the sensor. Compact cameras consist of both the lens and sensor while the smartphones have limited capability to host both due to their slim design. Some high-end smartphones offer wider aperture and bigger sensor, but they still aren’t as good as cameras.

  1. Nearly Endless Photo Time.

While travelling, you will need your smartphone’s battery to last as long, but you will also need to take pictures. On most new cameras, the time that you get out of the battery is impressive. When travelling, you might take an obscene amount of photos and cameras can enable you to go days without the need to recharge, despite near endless use.

  1. Lens Versatility.

Compact cameras enable photographers to zoom and capture a distant object. While travelling, you may want to take a picture of a remote object. Cameras have fantastic magnification factors that are perfect for bringing unreachable objects closer. Most smartphones cameras have fixed focus lens, so when taking a picture of a distant object, you need to move physically or zoom digitally which naturally increases the pixels, so they look blurred sometimes.

Camera Vs Camera Phone, Choosing The Best When Travelling.


  1. Laptop or Wait until You Are Home.

If you like to keep people on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook or even people back home about your travel and you didn’t bring a laptop, uploading the photos from the cameras may be challenging. You might need to wait until when you return home to upload your photos if you didn’t carry a laptop. With smartphones, it’s effortless to upload your photos; you just need a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Safety.

The security of your camera will largely depend on where and how you are travelling. Some cameras are costly that you need to tabs on it the same way you would for your entire bag and passport. Some locations having a camera hanging around your neck will make you a target, so be careful.

Camera Vs Camera Phone, Choosing The Best When Travelling.

Vs A Smartphone Camera.

  1. Convenience.

It’s difficult to beat the convenience of a smartphone camera; it’s always with you. You will take pictures while travelling and share them instantly. When you spot something interesting, you just whip it out and take a shot. Smartphones make it easier to edit and share photos instantly instead of waiting until when you return home.

  1. Sharing of the Pictures.

Most smartphones can easily connect to the internet whether you are using data or Wi-Fi hotspot. Once connected you can share photos of your travel back home or to social media sites within seconds. Sharing from a digital camera is challenging as you have to carry a cable or a card reader and also a laptop.

The only solution into this is to invest in a camera with Wi-Fi, Smart Cameras manufactured by Canon, Panasonic, and Samsung. These cameras enable you to upload photos to smartphones and other photo storing app like Google Photos

3. Image Editing.

Smartphones have hundreds of apps dedicated to photography that let you twist exposure and add frames to the pictures. It enables you to make creative choices and experiment your photography skills within your phone.

Disadvantages of Travelling With Smartphone Cameras.

Some of the setbacks of travelling with smartphones Cameras include;

  • Inadequate photo quality.
  • Poor lens versatility.
  • Need to recharge your battery frequently.


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