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Best City break destinations to finish 2018

With the conclusion of 2018 upon us very soon, many people may want to squeeze in one more weekend city break before ringing in another new year. Here are some of the top destinations ideal for a quick weekend holiday.

New York City      

A quick trip across the pond to New York City could be an option for a weekend getaway. The city is a cultural centre of America with access to plays, concerts and art museums. As Christmas approaches, Rockefeller Center becomes decked out with holiday décor and offers ice skating. Also, landmarks are a popular point of interest here including the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

NEW YORK CITY -Times Square, featured with Broadway Theaters and LED signs, is a symbol of New York City and the United States, in Manhattan, New York City.


With its numerous iconic landmarks, Paris can be a fun weekend getaway. Of course visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Arche de Triomphe are a must but the city does provide other possible sights. For instance, the LouvreMuseum is one of the revered art museums in the world and is home to the iconic painting, “The Mona Lisa”. Perhaps spending the day strolling the streets of Paris enjoy the culinary delights as well as shopping the varied stores may be more to your fancy.

small paris street with view on the famous paris eifel tower on a cloudy rainy day with some sunshine


This major Turkish city sits just on the edge of Europe as it meets up with the Asian continent. Offering a different type of holiday with its unique culture. Landmarks such as the Hagias Sophia and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque are not to miss when in the city. Strolling through the city’s bazaars give you a unique look at their culture as well as opportunities to taste delicious Turkish cuisine. If your schedule permits a visit to just one bazaar, then the Grand Bazaar is the one. The largest and oldest covered shopping market in the world, the Grand Bazaar includes over 5,000 shops with a wide array of merchandise.



This quaint city offers a lot of options for visitors as well as easy accessibility. Consider alternate means of transportation to explore this city including bicycles and paddle boats. A variety of museums can be found here that cater to diverse interests. For those interested in history, the Anne Frank Museum is a must visit. Here the museum provides information about her experiences in hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust. If you’re into science or have children, then the NEMO Science Museum is a great option as it offers numerous hands-on exhibits.

 Amsterdam city skyline at canal waterfront with spring tulip flower, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Taking a weekend trip back to one of the world’s oldest cities can be enjoyable. The city has a variety of points of interest. Among these are some ancient buildings from antiquity. Probably the most recognisable is the Acropolis which soars above the city attracting the attention of all visitors. Not all of Athens is focused on the past. The city also boasts modern features and points of interest including the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sunset over the Plaka, the old town of Athens, Greece, with the Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis 

As you plan a weekend getaway to conclude 2018, consider one of the top cities to enjoys the remaining days of the year.


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