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A Must-Have Travel Accessory for a Noisy World

Everyone deals with headaches and hassles while travelling. From lost baggage to delayed departures to cramped seating, getting to remote destinations is a challenge.

One less obvious downside to travelling is the impact of environmental noise on trains, planes, and motorized boats. Aside from making conversation difficult, prolonged exposure to heightened levels of environmental noise can cause serious health problems including long-term hearing damage.

Some Facts About Environmental Noise

According to the BBC, noise levels become dangerously loud on flights, especially during takeoff and landing.

“Take-off and landing are the loudest moments, when noise levels inside the cabin can reach 105 decibels (dB). At cruising altitudes, noise drops to around 85 dB, says Pamela Mason of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Long exposure to 85 dB can cause temporary hearing problems.”

Even on modern subway or train systems, such as Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in the San Francisco region, noise is a big problem. In a 2010 article, the San Francisco Chronicle sent a reporter out to take noise readings throughout 208 miles of track while riding on BART trains. The results showed “noise levels of 90 decibels – as loud as a diesel truck – or higher at 23 locations.”

In addition to potential long-term hearing damage, such noise levels can cause heightened stress and have other mental impacts on commuters and travelers.

An Innovative New Solution

While many travelers use headphones or earbuds to block out environmental noise, the reality is that such solutions are only exacerbating the issue. Masking noise with even louder noise simply puts greater stress on one’s hearing.

However, there’s a new solution available courtesy of Nuheara, a pioneering start-up based out of Perth, Australia. Their IQbuds, and second generation IQbuds BOOST are smart wireless earbuds that feature what’s called “super intelligent noise control”. Using their earbuds, users can select different pre-set location profiles (“airplane” is evidently a popular one) and subsequently cancel out the frequencies of disruptive environmental noise while enhancing speech.

In other words, on a noisy airplane, these intelligent hearing devices enable a passenger to lessen the drone of the engine noise while enhancing the voices of fellow passengers and flight attendants. In fact, Qantas Airways named IQbuds as one of their “Must-Have Smartphone Accessories For Travel”, citing the ability of the product to blend streaming music with the surrounding physical world, in addition to cancelling out unwanted environmental noise:

“These small, versatile Nuheara wireless earbuds not only stream music from your smartphone, they can fade out or turn up environmental noise, whether you have music on or not. The batteries provide 16 hours of non-stop Bluetooth streaming.”

Truly Wireless and Much More

IQbuds and IQbuds BOOST feature a truly wireless form factor, meaning that they are easy to travel with and won’t get tangled up with cumbersome wires. Additionally, the earbuds feature a best-in-class battery life, giving the wearer up to 5 hours of uninterrupted use while streaming music or listening to phone calls, with the companion charging case holding enough power to provide an additional 3 charges on the go.

For those willing to spend a bit more, the IQbuds BOOST hearing device creates an entirely personalized hearing profile for the user following a hearing assessment through the companion smartphone app. The earbuds then auto-calibrate based upon the wearer’s hearing profile, potentially making the product a viable solution for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who struggle to hear in certain situations.

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