A Dream Holiday in Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai, UAE, mosque.

Just a few decades ago, Dubai was just a place in the desert. Today it is a metropolis where you can find everything you can imagine. In the past twenty years, hundreds of fascinating and ultra-modern buildings have been built in Dubai. Many wealthy people find their residence in this magical place.

Given the situations you can attend every day, the cars you see on the roads, and the luxury that flashes at every step, it may seem that only the rich ones live here. But Dubai is a town for everyone – for a few days, or for a whole life.

Those who had the chance to visit this city have gained a lifetime experience. In addition to the traditional Dubai travel packages, this pearl of the Middle East offers something for tourists who want to “pop out” from the template.

There are many possibilities for adrenaline addicts, but also for those who want to experience this city in a different way.

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Dubai Makes Your Dreams Come True

By discovering oil on the nearby rigs, but also thanks to its position at sea, Dubai has become one of the most eccentric cities in the world. This modern center is an exciting mix of traditional and extravagant. Many tourists from the Western countries experience a real cultural shock when they come here for the first time.

In Dubai, you can attend traditional camel races, with kids as jockeys. But having in mind the strict laws and the cult of the family, the camel riders are robotized; this is one of the already mentioned mixtures of traditional and modern. For fans of riding sports, betting and polo matches (with camels instead of horses) are organized too.

For those who can afford it, modern buildings such as the luxurious Burj al-Arab hotel are renting heliports, located at their top of the buildings. So you can arrange weddings, dinner with friends, or watch a football game with a breathtaking view of the city.

If high temperature bothers you, you can find rescue in the biggest closed ski resort in the world. Maybe you didn’t expect this, but it is just another proof that everything is possible in Dubai.

The ski trails are located in one of the many luxurious shopping malls, along with all “additional equipment,” such as the temperature below zero, artificial snow, trampoline, free climbing wall, etc. Ski equipment is affordable, and for a price of about $ 70 per day, you can experience winter magic in the desert.

The best ways to feel the traditional spirit of Dubai are local stores and markets. Although it may seem strange, there is a part of the city, Dubai Creek, where merchants from the Middle East come to sell their goods.

Here you can buy many traditional souvenirs, such as rugs, filigree jewelry, pottery, etc. And bargain is a must. Of course, you are not obligated to buy anything, you can only look round. Kindly traders are always at your service.

Dubai, UAE - Tour guide offering tourist camel ride on Jumeirah beach on in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Luxury Dubai Marina skyscrapers in background.

More “Traditional” Travel Packages

Besides an inevitable shopping, when you say Dubai, Burj Khalifa is one of the first things that come to your mind. The building, which stands out in its impressiveness, because it has set up a large number of records in various segments, is one of the first attractions that tourists want to visit.

The Jumeirah mosque is an architectural wonder and one of the most often photo-shooting places. Although religious rules do not allow visits, tourists can access this mosque in one of the organized sightseeing.

Within almost every Dubai travel, city sightseeing is organized daily. You can do this by the land or air. A ride with a balloon or a regular double-decker will allow you to experience this city in a unique way. Also, morning safari in the desert is an experience recommended to everyone who comes here for the first time.

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Dubai is a place you can’t explore in a short time. You’ll definitely miss something unless you came to live here. If travels are your passion, visit this city several times, you’ll get back from a trip richer for a new experience every time. This is a city that is continually growing; it is not impossible to find some new incredible or tourist attraction when you come here next time.

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