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7 of the Best Packing Tips for New Travellers

Traveling is one the best ways to relax and take some time off of your busy schedule and day to day stresses. Travel is also a way to experience new things and provide your senses with something different to see, smell, taste and feel. We have provided our top 7 packing tips which can serve a guide on how to prepare your precious belongings for the journey and adventure that awaits you!

Tip #1: What type of Suitcase?  

You should take into consideration what type of luggage you have or need to purchase. I would highly recommend a hard top suitcase rather than a soft case as your luggage is likely to get thrown around. The latest plastics/hard case suitcases are lighter and far easier to carry. Your goal is to find a functional luggage, sturdy luggage and bear in mind that you will use it a lot.

Tip #2: Bring a Small bag too-

A smaller bag is also essential as carry-on luggage, you need to ensure you are entertained during transit, long flights can get pretty boarding! A shoulder bag or any bag that has a strap can be used whenever you go. Avoid bags with wheels as it will limit your movement and also take up space in the overhead locker.

Tip #3: Packing your clothes-

Always double check the weather at your destination and choose your clothing accordingly. There are some great products out there that will help you get more room in your suitcase with compression packing bags. Make sure to pack enough clothes for your trip but don’t over pack (I’m guilty of this), preplan your outfits and make sure to mix and match your pants and tops which will help reduce how much you need to take with you. Keep in mind the airline luggage weight limits, don’t let yourself go over, the fees are not worth it!

Tip #4: Footwear-

Shoes can take up a lot of space in your luggage. As per the above tip, try to lessen the number of pairs you take with you, pre plan outfits. Make sure that you bring a comfortable and durable shoe for day long walking trips. Here’s a list of the best shoes for travel.

Tip #5: Toiletries-

This is a must, for obvious reasons. Make sure to pack things like your shampoo and conditioner, skin creams, tooth paste and tooth brush. Rather than taking large bottles of creams or hair products, you can purchase small plastic travel bottles and top them up as you need to.

Tip #6: Work out what tech goodies you want to bring along-

Are you going to take your camera and your Go Pro, laptop or Ipad? It all adds up weight wise to keep that in mind. I would recommend taking these expensive items in your carry-on luggage rather than your checked in luggage, that way you have full control of where your items are at all times. Don’t forget the chargers for your phone and other devices. I would also recommend a small torch for romantic night walks.

Tip #7: Stay Secure-

Safety is very important, your documents such as your passport and personal data should be kept well secured either in your carry-on luggage OR in your hotel safe. Better to be safe than sorry, trying to get a new passport while oversea is difficult and expensive, not to mention stressful!



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