5 Ways to Ensure Your 2018 Summer Holiday is the Best One Yet

5 Ways to Ensure Your 2018 Summer Holiday is the Best One Yet

With such long, cold dark days ahead of us this winter, you might be daydreaming about your summer holiday. And why not? Sandy shores, blue oceans and mountains of delicious food and drink have never sounded better! Here’s how to ensure your 2018 summer holiday is the best holiday you’ve ever had…

1. Consider everyone

There’s nothing more fun than checking out photographs of the places you’d like to visit, taking a virtual tour around the world on social media and reading what your favourite bloggers have to say about a destination. But, you’ll need to make sure you’re considering everyone going on holiday when you’re making your choice.

If you’re booking a holiday for a family, you’ll need to find somewhere that’s suitable for children, with plenty of amenities nearby. On the other hand, if you’re jetting off with your other half, you might prefer to skip the family-friendly resorts and take yourself off the beaten track, trekking through the jungle or retreating from the world on a remote Caribbean island. Whatever the case, just be sure to consider everyone’s needs and preferences if you want to have a stress-free break.

2. Book early

For the best deals, you’d be wise to book early. January and February are ideal, with many providers offering winter sales after Christmas. Just be sure to pick your dates wisely – you might be constrained by the kids’ school holiday dates, but factor in the best time for you to be out of the office too. The last thing you want is to be checking your work emails or taking phone calls – so choose a week or two where you know you can slip away without being disturbed.

5 Ways to Ensure Your 2018 Summer Holiday is the Best One Yet

3. Prepare at home

Once you’ve chosen your perfect destination and booked your plane tickets, you can start doing a few things to ensure your summer holiday is the best one you’ve ever had. From sorting out your holiday wardrobe to buying essentials such as sun cream and travel-sized bottles of toiletries, doing a little bit of preparation now will mean you don’t feel stressed when it’s finally time to head to the airport. Best of all, doing some preparation in advance of summer means you can take advantage of great deals; sun cream and other holiday essentials are often cheapest before the school holidays begin.

4. Research

A sure-fire way to make sure your next holiday is memorable for all the right reasons is to do some thorough research before you go. Get online and find out what kinds of activities are on offer in the destination you’re visiting, and make a to-do list of all the sights you’d like to see too. Also, it can be handy to have one or two restaurant ideas up your sleeve, just in case you roll off the beach feeling too hungry to wander around perusing menus. And, make sure you give yourself an opportunity to try new things: pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and doing things you don’t usually get the chance to will make your holiday feel as though it’s lasting longer, simply for the fact that it takes your brain longer to process new adventures. And if nothing else? You’ll make some brilliant memories!

5 Ways to Ensure Your 2018 Summer Holiday is the Best One Yet

5. Enjoy the build-up

Finally, the anticipation of a holiday is perhaps one of the best bits of it. In the same way that Christmas Eve is so magical, looking forward to your summer holiday builds excitement for what’s coming, and it’s exactly the kind of emotion you can indulge in on the run up to your holiday. Book your break, and then allow yourself to look forward to it… it will be all the better for the wait!

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