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5 Reasons Why You Should Cruise the Arctic at Least Once in Your Life

You wake up in the morning, you go to work, you come home at night, you have dinner, you go to sleep. Then you wake up the next day and do it all over again.

Does this more or less describe your routine?

If so, there’s probably another part that’s been left out of the list above: Every day you dream of doing something else, something amazing, something that ― if only for a short while ― breaks you out of your usual sedating cycle. Maybe that something is an Arctic cruise.

But wait, aren’t Arctic cruises cold and uncomfortable and generally a lot of work? Why go through all the trouble? What is it about the Arctic that could possibly make the trip worth taking?

Here are five reasons why you just might want to find out for yourself:

It’s Light on Tourists

Going on an adventure instead of just your average vacation means getting outside your comfort zone. And not just your comfort zone, but everybody’s comfort zone.

There are no throngs of tourists in the Arctic. There’s just your ship, yourself, and the new friends you’ll make while exploring the quiet beauty of the polar world. That kind of silence is itself a unique experience for most people, especially those who live in a city.

It’s Light Outside All the Time

If you cruise to the Arctic during the summer months, you’ll experience the famed midnight sun. You’ve probably heard about it in passing: Because of the Earth’s tilt, the Arctic receives daylight 24 hours a day, dimming to twilight only at its darkest hours.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? And it’s even more exciting to experience firsthand. The light grows incredibly soft and seems to come from all around you.

You Can Look Back in Time

It’s hard not to be enchanted by cultures so ancient they’re virtually steeped in myth. Ship off to Greenland or Iceland and you’ll have the chance to explore Viking settlements in which stone walls and trails still can be seen. There are also churches built from Christian efforts to convert those warriors of the north.

Not to mention the great Inuit people, descendants of the Thule culture, who brought us kayaking and dog-sledding and many other cold-climate innovations. They demonstrate a proud tradition, still very much alive today, of flourishing in the Arctic’s often inhospitable world.

And of course there’s the history of later European life, marked by the weather-beaten remains of whaling posts and mining concerns.

You Can See the Northern Lights

If you visit the Arctic near the beginning or end of the cruise season, you’ll have the chance to experience the magical aurora borealis. (Yes, it really does live up to the hype.)

You Can Meet the Local Wildlife

What kind of animals excite you the most? Whether it’s exotic birds, penguin-like puffins, Arctic foxes or whales or the famed polar bears, you might see them all if you book the right Arctic cruise.

Bonus Reason: You’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before

The tropics, the forests, the far-reaching deserts ― they all have their own unique beauty. But they’re not the Arctic. Here’s your chance to not only explore a part of the world you’ve never seen, but surprise yourself by embarking on an adventure unlike any you’ve had before.


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