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5 Pre-Existing Health Problems That Ruin Vacations (If Left Untreated)

Taking a vacation does not mean you can take a break from staying on top of your health problems. In fact, not monitoring critical health issues can mean an early end to your much-anticipated trip.

So, which are the top health concerns you need to track even when on vacation? You will find them down below, with the reasons why they are so critical to monitor so that you can get the most satisfaction out of your vacation!

1. Thyroid problems

Keeping thyroid medication on a timely schedule is imperative to keep symptoms under control while on vacation. Differences in time zones mean you may need to alter your “normal” dosing times to avoid issues such as irritability, fatigue, or changes in bowel function that can sap your desire to explore and enjoy new locals.

Monitoring thyroid levels while traveling can be tricky. However, it may be necessary. Paying close attention to how your body is feeling and moving about hourly may help you prevent more severe issues that can lead to an unexpected doctor or hospital visit.

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2. Chronic pain

Anyone suffering from chronic pain knows how the additional stresses of travel can add to symptoms. Stiff joints, deep muscle pain, abdominal discomfort, or debilitating back pain are easy to build up during travel on cramped planes, buses, cars, or trains.

Don’t let intense bouts of pain prevent discovering new sites, or being able to relax fully. Try to maintain your dosing and exercise schedule during travel to keep inflammation down and blood flowing, which can help derail extreme pain.

3. Sleep disorders

For those suffering from sleep disorders, the disruption of travel can lead to reduced cognitive thinking, lack of energy, and loss of appetite that further decrease vacation enjoyment.

Sticking to your regular sleep routine, especially when traveling through different time zones, can be difficult at best. For those who use CPAP machines or medication to control sleep disorders, it’s a must to start altering sleep patterns before your vacation to offset sudden changes that can make symptoms worse.

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4. Mental illness

Vacationers often think the “break” from daily life will help when dealing with mental illness symptoms. In reality, such travel stressors, such as sleep disruption, large crowds, or a high-energy atmosphere, can quickly lead to severe anxiety, panic attacks, or even hiding in bed all day to avoid more mental trauma.

Maintain proper medication schedules and work daily on personal therapies, even if you are feeling fine and think skipping a few days is okay. Even one day off your usual routine can quickly throw your body and mind into a tailspin, so don’t risk it.

5. Diabetes

There are many ways to upset your insulin balance while traveling with diabetes, from eating strange foods, being more physically active, delaying or increasing meals, sleep deprivation, and alcohol use. The result of not monitoring blood sugar levels often means dizziness, fainting, sweats, confusion, or even falls from low sugar.

High sugar can leave you with a debilitating headache, blurry vision, or excessive bathroom trips. All of these symptoms can destroy a trip, so check your sugar levels often and adjust doses accordingly.

Be Vigilant

Traveling with a chronic illness means you need to set aside time to prepare appropriately and stick to regular routines. Doing so will help you get the most out of your vacation and keep symptoms under control!

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