4 Ways To Make Money Whilst You Travel


Travelling isn’t cheap. Most of us will spend months beforehand saving up, but there is another way to fund your adventure – make money whilst you travel. Going out there with a few savings as a backup is always handy, but just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to put yourself on a limited budget. Earn money as you travel as stay out as long as you like. Here are few ways that you can do this.  

Work abroad

The most obvious way to make money whilst travelling is to settle down somewhere and work. Unless you’re doing a manual job like picking fruit or labouring, you may need to speak the language of the country you’re going to. There are some places such as the south of Spain and Thailand where you can get away with speaking English. But be careful of trying to get a job in France or Italy. Many choose to go to English-speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand and do restaurant or bar work. There’s also temp work opportunities such as working at ski resorts as a rep or helping out at an American summer camp or even teaching english abroad. If you’re thinking about working abroad make sure you bring all your necessary documents with you so that you’ve always got the option to stop somewhere.

Online work

For some work, location doesn’t even matter. So long as you can regularly find Wi-Fi, you can do online surveys and test websites and write blogs. These can all earn you money whilst on the move. Make sure that your company allows you to work outside the country. You may still have to pay tax, unless you’re classed as a non-resident (in which case you may have to pay tax to the country you’re in). You could even become a travel writer!


Invest in stocks

Stocks can be scary stuff – most people don’t like the idea of investing into something that might not make them a return. Doing your research however can lower the gamble. Invest some savings before you go, and you can make a healthy return whilst you’re travelling. Common things people invest in include gold, property, technology and big businesses. There are many sources on the internet that can help you decide which is one is best for you (visit online at MoneyMorning.com).


Sell your stuff

In third world countries, even the most basic of your possessions may seem like luxury items to them. If you can part with any of your belongings, whether it be clothes or books or toiletries, you may be able to make some money out of them. You don’t have to sell locally either – if you have internet access you can sell them online, although you will have to pay for packaging. Alternatively, if there’s someone at home looking after your stuff, you can get them to sell some of your belongings at home and transfer the money to you.


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