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4 Glamping Getaways That Won’t Break the Bank

Every traveler dreams of staying in a five-star, luxury resort, yet we can’t help but shudder at the thought of what that dream would do to our bank accounts. But as luck would have it, we’ve stumbled across a way to get that same five-star treatment at a fraction of the cost. Our friends over at Glamping Hub( have hundreds of budget-friendly glamping accommodations across the globe just waiting to be explored. Whether it’s a bell tent situated on the sunshine coast, or a cozy A-frame cabin in the middle of the woods, these glamp sites are equipped with all the comforts you would find in any chain resort for less than 100 bucks a night. Take a look at some of our top picks for a budget-friendly, luxurious getaway:

For a romantic weekend getaway, consider a stay in one of these beautiful, floating Safari Tents found in St. Charles County, Missouri. The air-conditioned tents are situated on a private pond where guests can enjoy their luxurious amenities as well as the breathtaking scenery. These accommodations have it all – from access to bikes and water sporting equipment to a fire pit and shared kitchen, they truly are the perfect retreat for an all-round glamping experience.

Nestled deep in the forests of the pacific northwest, glampers will find this gorgeous and authentic A-Frame Cabin near Lake Trillium, Oregon. The cabin lies right along the Sandy River and has more than enough space and activities to treat the entire family to a well-deserved vacation. The incredible and uniquely structured cabin resembles a ski-lodge, making it the perfect vacation destination for the holidays.

If you’re willing to splurge on travel expenses but still in search of cheaper accommodation, venture on over to this stunning Villa Rental in Sicily, Italy. The property is situated near the edge of Mount Bonifato Alcamo, where guests can enjoy the breathtaking views of Southern Italy from the villa’s private hot tub. Grab your closest travel buddies and take advantage of this truly exquisite villa for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Perfect for families and couples, these Eco-Friendly Domes in Sierra del Segura, Spain offer the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. Guests can adventure through the surrounding meadows, taking in the luscious scenery. Not to mention, the domes themselves are fully equipped with amenities and beautifully furnished, putting the glamour in glamping.

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