48 Hours in Oslo – 2 Day Itinerary

Oslo’s geographical location has benefited the city’s tourism for several years. Located at the top of a fjord and flanked by several deep blue waters and green forests, you can say that Oslo is picturesque and a feast to the eye. 

View over Oslo in Norway with the Oslo Fjord after sunset

While Norway is a vast country, its capital Oslo, should be part of your must-visit bucket list. Now if you find it challenging to make time, this 2 Day Itinerary for Oslo will help you realize that 48 hours in Oslo is already enough. 

Oslo has been consistently rated to have the best quality of life in all countries worldwide. Although the city is small and compact compared to others, it has much to offer, including great contemporary architecture, outdoor activities, an excellent food scene and rich cultural traditions.

So, if you’re planning to travel to Oslo, you’ll learn more about its long history through its architectural structures, museums and historical landmarks. You can check out the Vigeland sculpture park, Viking Ship Museum and Akershus Fortress.

Oslo has many beautiful and notable landmarks, each with a unique story and importance of its own. The Royal Palace, for example, is reminiscent of Schoenbrunn, while the Oslo City Hall has been an iconic landmark for both locals and tourists.

In addition, Oslo also boasts of its gastronomic experience, where you can enjoy authentic Norwegian cuisine in street food and fine dining restaurants. 

All these you can enjoy 2 days in Oslo if you visit at the right time! So, if you’re looking for the best time to visit the city, it’s recommended that you go either in the summertime or during the winter. Each season has its own charm that one can enjoy either way. 

Another factor to consider is where you’ll be staying. Like any other city, staying in the city centre will be your best option. This is the most convenient place for travellers, especially since it will be near famous landmarks, restaurants, shopping districts and much more.

While there’s so much to see and do in Oslo, this detailed 2 days itinerary for Oslo can help decide how to maximize your trip to the city.  

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2-Day Itinerary for Oslo

Overview of 2 Days in Oslo Itinerary

Here’s a glance at what you’ll see and do in two days in Oslo:

Day 1 in Oslo

  • Have your Breakfast Meal near the Frogner Park
  • Visit the Oslo City Hall 
  • Check Out the Karl Johans Gate 
  • Explore the Royal Palace 
  • Get Coffee at Kaffebrenneriet
  • Stroll around the Akershus Fortress
  • Cap off the night with drinks at Bar Lardo

Day 2 in Oslo

  • Go Boating and Explore the Oslo Fjord
  • Get a meal at Bubbles & Brunch
  • Enjoy Museum Hopping
  • Check out the Oslo Opera House 
  • Take a Stroll around Aker Brygge
  • Have dinner at Delicatessen
Aerial view of Sentrum area of Oslo, Norway, with Barcode buildings

Day 1 in Oslo 

Have your Breakfast Meal near the Frogner Park

Before starting your day which will surely be packed with so many things to do and places to visit, it’s always the best idea to grab a hearty meal; and what better way to have breakfast at one of Oslo’s biggest parks – Frogner Park. 

Frogner Park is a popular outdoor area among locals and travellers who want to enjoy fresh scenery. It usually is filled with people going on a picnic, playing in the grass and even swimming in the park’s public swimming pool (yes, they have one). 

The area has many cafes and restaurants, making it accessible to picnic at the park or walk along its path and head on to a breakfast place. 

EDITORIAL OSLO NORWAY - Many tourist walk Vigeland Sculptures Park in the popular Vigeland park ( Frogner Park ) designed by Gustav Vigeland in Oslo Norway

Visit the Oslo City Hall 

While visiting a government building during a tourist trip is not normal, you should take Oslo’s city hall as an exception. The Oslo City Hall is a must-visit for everyone visiting the city. Why?

Well, if you see the building outside, you might think it’s not impressive enough to visit especially since you are only staying in Oslo for two days.

However, once you get a chance to go inside its corridors, you will realize how it’s worth the visit – a magnificent collection of murals and artworks displayed and created by some of Norway’s most notable artists. 

Plus, you can easily visit the City Hall for free since it is open to the public. 

Cityscape of Oslo with the City Hall and the harbour, Norway

Check Out the Karl Johans Gate 

After checking out the City Hall for about an hour, it’s time to head to Oslo’s main street – the Karl Johans Gate. In this area, you can find almost everything, from cafes and restaurants to bars and nightclubs. 

In fact, Karl Johans Gate can be visited any time of the day as it is the perfect area to stroll where you can learn more about the local’s life.

The Karl Johans Gate is where most of the city’s top tourist sites including the Royal Palace and the Oslo Cathedral.

So, if you stick with this Itinerary, you don’t have to worry about travelling again just to reach your next destination. 

Oslo, Norway. Night View Karl Johans gate Street. Residential Multi-storey Houses In Centrum District. Summer Evening. Residential Area

Explore the Royal Palace 

As mentioned, the Royal Palace is already in the area of the Karl Johans Gate. But what makes this place special that you’ll need a few hours to explore it? 

The Royal Palace of Oslo serves as the monarch’s official residence. It was completed in the 1840s and is now officially used by the royal family. But despite that, it is also partially open to the public which you can enjoy when in the city. 

The Royal Palace is surrounded by a vast park where you can relax and take many photos. If you want to go inside, make sure to book some guided walking tours so you’ll have access to see some of the areas of the palace. 

Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. Royal Palace is the official residence of the present Norwegian monarch.

Get Coffee at Kaffebrenneriet

After a morning of going around the city, you’ll need to fuel up again with some sweets. Since Oslo already has lots of established coffee shops, you won’t have a hard time looking for one in the area. But one of the most known cafes near the Royal Palace is Kaffebrenneriet

This is a big coffee chain shop in all of Norway, and is known to serve great coffee and pastries with it. Here, you can relax and chill for a few minutes and maybe take time to feel the vibe of Oslo from the inside. 

Moreover, coffee at a local cafe will allow you to meet locals and see how they run their daily lives.

Stroll around the Akershus Fortress

Now that you’ve regained your energy with some caffeine and sweets, it’s time to return on your adventure and check out the famous Akershus Fortress. This is a beautiful medieval castle that is surrounded by high walls and is sitting on the water. 

Before it became open to the public, it was first used for protection against attacks from other countries coming from the sea. Later on, it was remodeled as a castle and now contains banquet falls, a Mausoleum and reception rooms. 

Moreover, visiting Akershus Fortress doesn’t need you to spend money. You can enter the fortress for free if you already have an Oslo Pass. On the other hand, you can stroll freely inside without an Oslo Pass if you book a guided tour ahead of time. 

Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway. Akershus Festning is a medieval fortress that was built to protect Oslo.

Cap off the night with drinks at Bar Lardo

After a long day of going around and enjoying the city of Oslo, it’s time to go into relaxation mode with some drinks at a local bar. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can find many different pubs, bars, clubs and discos in the main street of Oslo, including Bar Lardo

Bar Lardo is a local bar specializing in natural wine and cured meats. You can choose from their wine selections in a cosy and laid-back area. They even have friendly local baristas that can guide you in choosing the best drink that suits your preference. 

Other than that, there are lots of night tours that you can book which will bring you to different bars in the area. It’s highly recommended to join one, especially when pressed with time. 

Day 2 in Oslo

Go Boating and Explore the Oslo Fjord

Start your second day in Oslo with an outdoor adventure that you won’t be able to forget. Oslo Fjord is one of the most famous areas in the city, and it’s a must that you explore during your visit (any time of the year). 

The scenic Oslo Fjord is a recreational area that many locals and travellers visit. It has a tiny island, picturesque summer houses and where the Bygdoy Peninsula.

So, if you board a boat or cruise that will wake you touring in this area, you’ll need at least 4 hours to enjoy the tour. 

This is why it’s highly suggested that you start your day with this, especially when you are pressed with time.

You can take a hop-on hop-off boat that will shuttle you to different attractions at the Fjord, but you can also book a cruise tour that will be fully guided throughout your journey. 

If you’re lucky, you can even enjoy the beaches at the Bugdoy Peninsula and maybe check out the tiny town of Drobak with little wooden houses and narrow streets.

All these are definitely worth the visit even if you’re only staying the weekend in Oslo.

Oslo harbor or harbour at the Aker Brygge neighbourhood in Oslo. Oslo is the capital of Norway.

Get a meal at Bubbles & Brunch

Waking up really and going on an early outdoor excursion will probably tire you out (a little), which is why you must get a decent brunch meal after touring the Fjord. 

Since Oslo is well known to offer great and authentic Norwegian food, you should definitely enjoy eating at local restaurants during your stay.

While you can choose from plenty of them, one famous restaurant in the city that attracts many tourists is Bubbles & Brunch

You can enjoy various meals and dishes here, including Norwegian food and International cuisine.

This way, you won’t have any problem hopping from one place to another, especially if you want to get a bit of almost everything. 

Enjoy Museum Hopping

Oslo is also known to house plenty of museums, including the Viking Ship Museum, Fram Museum, Norwegian Folk Museum and Kon-Tiki Museum. All these play a special part in Oslo’s tourism and its long-standing history and traditions. 

The Viking Ship Museum is the most known and visited among all the museums in Oslo. But unfortunately, it is currently closed till 2026 as it is undergoing renovations and expanding to showcase more preserved Viking ships and add information about Viking History. 

Instead, you can always visit the Fram Museum. This should not be missed during your 2 days in Oslo. The Fram Museum is dedicated to the Arctic and Antarctic exploration using the world’s famous polar exploration vessel – the Fram. 

Inside the museum, you can enjoy climbing aboard the strongest wooden ship and learn how ti was made and used. You’ll also have the chance to experience a simulation of what the explorers experienced during their time, including frigid expeditions and dangers from enemies. How cool is that?

Meanwhile, if you have more time left, make sure also to check out the Kon-Tiki Museum which is dedicated to the famous explorer Heyerdahl, as well as the Norwegian Folk Museum

Reconstructed wooden Gol Stave Church (Gol Stavkyrkje) in Norwegian Museum of Cultural History at Bygdoy peninsula in Oslo, Norway, Scandanavia

Check out the Oslo Opera House 

Another must-visit during your last day in Oslo is the city’s most photographed spot, the Oslo Opera House.

It is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and became famous among many because of its architectural structure. 

While checking out the Oslo Opera House, you can also check out the city’s coolest architecture in the neighborhood (Gamle Oslo) such as the MUNCH Museum and the Gronland. 

Oslo, Norway - Oslo Opera House (Operahuset) at sunrise. Building is situated at head of Oslofjord.

Take a Stroll around Aker Brygge

Now that you’re near the end of the 48 explorations in Oslo, wrap up your trip with a stroll around the Aker Brygge. The area was a former shipyard later transformed into Oslo’s chic and entertainment district. 

Since you’ll need to take it slow (or make it big) during your last night in Oslo, this is definitely the best place to be in.

Nestled within several restaurants, bars, galleries, nightclubs, and stunning architecture, this is the perfect place to get a sunset drink and cap off your trip to Oslo. 

Oslo, Norway - Ferries and boats moored off in marina in Oslo. Capital city of Norway. Beautiful sunset.

Tours in Oslo

Biking Tour 

While Oslo is a walkable city, it would also be a great experience if you explored its streets and neighbourhoods by joining a biking tour. 

During this excursion, you’ll be joining a guided small group that will be with you throughout the duration of the 3 hours tour as you go around different iconic landmarks in the city.

You will be riding through Aker Brygge shipyard, Akershus Castle and the Royal Palace while learning new information about these places from your local guide. 

In addition, going on a Biking Tour can help you stick to your daily exercise especially if you have a routine to keep up with. Since fellow tourists usually join this, you can even make a new travel friend during the tour.

Oslo, Norway -  View of Central Station and Jernbanetorget square at dusk. This station is the main railway station in Oslo, and the largest  within the entire Norwegian railway system

Street Food Tour

Another alternative to spend a few hours of your day in Oslo is to join a Street Food Tour and include it in your 48 Hour Itinerary. During this tour, you will visit the off-beaten path which tourists usually don’t go. 

Locals usually call this the alternative side, and this is where you’ll learn about their local food culture and gastronomic scene.

During the immersive tour, a local guide will bring you to the Vulkan neighbourhood and give you samples of traditional Norwegian hot dogs, waffles, hot cocoa and cured meats. 

But aside from all these, you’ll also get to talk and communicate with the locals and learn from them about cultural offerings and insider stories.

Oslo, Norway. Evening View Of Old Houses In Aker Brygge District. Summer Evening. Famous And Popular Place.

2-Day Itinerary for Oslo Wrap-up

Now that we’ve specified the overview of how your 48-hour trip to Oslo will look like, you don’t have to worry already about being overwhelmed during your planning process.

We have already shared what to do, places to visit and things to see in Oslo in 2 days so all you have left is to do is ready your travel documents, book that flight and pack your bags – then you’re ready to explore Oslo!

Recommended tours in Oslo

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