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Solomon Islands

Where to stay in Solomon Islands

Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands - Children on the way to school with a canoe during sunrise

Whether you are coming for the Scuba diving, historical sites, outdoor adventure, or just the laid-back atmosphere of the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands have nearly 1000 individual islands within them. Of course, a small percentage of those islands are actually inhabited, but there are still several choices for accommodation when planning your visit to the Solomon Islands.

The first decision to make is which island you want to stay on, and then you have to choose which of the Solomon Islands hotels is best for you. We’ve put together a guide to the best places to stay in the Solomon Islands to help you prepare for your trip. 

We will cover off all types of Solomon Islands accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Solomon Islands hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Solomon Islands 2023, the best Solomon Islands hotels, best places in Solomon Islands to visit, the best places to stay in Solomon Islands, hotels near Solomon Islands attractions, Solomon Islands neighborhood guide and many more.

Plan your trip to Solomon Islands

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Honiara – Where to stay in Solomon Islands near the airport

Honiara is the capital of the Solomon Islands and the location of one of the international airport, where flights to Solomon Islands come in and out, the second international airport is in Munda. Chances are, you will be arriving through Honiara, which is located on Guadalcanal Island. You may choose to stay in Honiara for your entire trip or add a night or two at the beginning or end of your trip to be near the airport while you explore the other resorts in the Solomon Islands.

Staying in Honiara offers a fun cultural perspective of the Solomon Islands, lots of family-friendly activities, and the Central Market is a great place to see the locals in action. There are also several museums, botanical gardens and Honiara hotels to choose from. This is the best area for tourists who don’t have a lot of time in the Solomon Islands, as well as those who prefer a more urban and cultural experience.  

Best places to stay in Honiara Solomon Islands

Budget Hotels in Honiara
Pacific Casino Hotel
Sanalae Apartments
The Ofis

Mid range Hotels in Honiara
Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotell
Pacific Casino Hotel
King Solomon Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Honiara
Coral Sea Resort & Casino

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Honiara
Heritage Park Hotel Honiara

Solomon Islands - Honiara

Guadalcanal Island – Where to stay in Solomon Islands in a major city

The largest and best-known island of the Solomon Islands. The Battle of Guadalcanal took place here in 1942, so Guadalcanal Island is a place of historic interest. There are several memorials and monuments here for the fallen soldiers. Dotted around the island, visitors find sandy beaches and mountainous jungles to explore.

If you prefer not to stay in the city of Honiara, there are other small villages where you can find accommodation to suit your needs. You may want to hire a car to get around if you prefer an active vacation spent exploring the island. If you want a private island experience, look at Tavanipupu Private Island Resort, off the southeast coast of Guadalcanal Island. 

Best places to stay in Guadalcanal Island

Budget Hotels in Guadalcanal Island
Pacific Casino Hotel
Sanalae Apartments
The Ofis

Mid range Hotels in Guadalcanal Island
Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotell
Pacific Casino Hotel
Dolphin View Beach

Family Friendly Hotels in Guadalcanal Island
Coral Sea Resort & Casino
King Solomon Hotel
Iron Bottom Sound Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Guadalcanal Island
Heritage Park Hotel Honiara
Tavanipupu Private Island Resort

Scenes of central Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

Munda – Where to stay in Solomon Islands for divers

At the southwest end of New Georgia island is the town of Munda. A popular destination for divers, Munda also offers many budget-friendly accommodation options. Munda is easy to access, with frequent flights from Gizo and Honiara, as well as a weekly international flight from Brisbane.

If you want to stay in eco-friendly beach bungalows, there are a few resorts in and around Munda that offer such accommodations. Besides diving, a popular day trip destination from Munda is Skull Island on Vona Vona Lagoon, a sacred place to the locals, which you can only visit in the company of the Chief. 

Best places to stay in Munda

Budget Hotels in Munda
Qua Roviana Motel
Zela Adventure Lodge
Ravihina Home Stay

Mid range Hotels in Munda
Titiru Eco Lodge
Agnes Gateway Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Munda
Ibibu Transit Lodge

Solomon Islands - Hopei Island is located just off Munda mainland

Gizo – Where to stay in Solomon Islands for Surfers

Located on Ghizo Island, the town of Gizo is popular with surfers and divers alike. It’s also famous for nearby Kennedy Island, where John F. Kennedy was shipwrecked during World War II. One of the best wreck dives in the area, the Toa Maru, is located just a few minutes from Gizo.

Snorkeling is also really good at various beaches around Gizo, including the beach at Fatboys Resort, a small beachfront bungalow resort. You don’t have to stay here to enjoy the snorkeling, just catch a boat ride over and rent your snorkelling gear or kayaks.

Best places to stay in Gizo

Budget Hotels in Gizo
Rekona Lodge
Gizo Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Gizo
Fatboys Resort

Family Friendly Hotels in Gizo
Imagination Island Solomon Islands
Oravae Cottage

Solomon Islands - Fat Boys resort in Gizo

Gatokae Island – Where to stay in Solomon Islands for relaxation

If you really want to get off the beaten path of tourism, check out a few of the resorts located on Gatokae Island. Access to the island is not easy, as it requires a two-hour boat ride from the Seghe airport. However, this makes it all the more adventurous for those willing to take on the journey.

The small village of Biche welcomes visitors where you can learn about the local culture and hand-fee eels. Gatokae Island is really the best area for tourists who want to get away from it all and are willing to pay for the experience of a private island resort or eco-lodge far from any civilization. 

Best places to stay in Gatokae Island 

Budget Hotels in Gatokae Island 
Ropiko Beach Resort

Mid range Hotels in Gatokae Island 
Evis Resort at Nggatirana Island

SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS, SOLOMON ISLANDS - kids on the wooden canoes on clear blue sea water at Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands

Vangunu Island – Where to stay in Solomon Islands for diving too!

The next largest island from Gatokae Island is Vangunu Island. The volcanic island is perhaps most famous for a new species of giant rat that was discovered in 2015. The Marovo Lagoon on the north part of the island is a popular spot for diving. Hotels and towns are few and far between, but you’ll find a few eco-friendly lodges and private island resorts near the island.

It’s also not far from Seghe, one of the inter-island airports in the Solomon Islands, so island-hopping from here is a good possibility. 

Best places to stay in Vangunu Island 

Mid range Hotels in Vangunu Island 
Evis Resort at Nggatirana Island

Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus giganteus) in a variety of colors live in calcareous tubes which penetrate a living Porites coral colony

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Where to stay in Solomon Islands

 Where to stay in Solomon Islands

Where to stay in Solomon Islands

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