Getting The Best Sea-Change Driving Getaways from Australia’s Capital Cities

Five Greatest Aussie Road Trips

With us all heading back to work but our appetite for summer holidays not entirely sated, we might be weighing up the option of taking a (or a series!) of mini sea-change breaks that are close to the capitals.

Plan your trip?

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If you plan to take sea-change driving trips often, it might be worth getting all the essentials. Instead of spending up big on the credit card, you might want to consider borrowing instead.

So what are the best sea-change driving getaways, and what do you need to make sure you have the best time?

Picking A Great Destination

The first step is to pick somewhere you’d love to go. Some of the best and most picturesque trips from Melbourne are the Great Ocean Road, Wilson’s Promontory, or even Geelong’s Corio Bay is a good option, with many boutique distilleries and restaurants on offer.

Sydneysiders can experience the Blue Mountains, North or South Coast, Byron Bay, and all the wonderful destinations along the way. Brisbane people can experience Moreton Bay, the Gold or Sunshine Coasts, or even experiencing Mount Nebo. From South Australia you can go to the Eyre Peninsula, Victor Harbour, and Port Lincoln. There’s even more ideas for road trips we’ve put together here, and three of our top favourites here.

Sydney Harbour skyline with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in New South Wales Australia.

Planning Your Trip

Before you go, you should plan your trip using a road trip planner, such as the one provided by This will show you all you need to know about the road you’re planning to travel, stops along the way, and what you need to account for. It even suggests routes you can take according to how much time you have to spend.

Getting The Right Gear

Spending so much time on the road means getting the right gear – you have to make sure you’re comfortable, prepared, and having fun on the go. This means standalone bags and organisers, weather appropriate clothing and accessories, power for your devices, toiletries and personal conveniences, cooking supplies, and what you’re going to use for accommodation – tents, camper trailers, or caravans. If you plan to go on short trips regularly, see this comprehensive list of gear here.

Financing Your Trips

Though you might think one trip isn’t worth financing, when you start to add up gear, fuel, and perhaps even a recreational vehicle into the mix, it can start feeling out of reach. Bill Tsouvalas, Managing Director at Savvy says opting for a personal loan can spread out the costs and make the most of a long-term investment.

“Buying bits and pieces from camping stores and forgetting about it by using credit can add up and up – and that’s even before the huge interest bill hits,” he says. “Plan out what type of trips you’ll make and buy all the gear, mods, or vehicles you need at once; you might want to wait until sales to drive your dollar further. But a personal loan means you have fixed repayments each month, and every payment you make gets you closer to a zero balance. Applying for a personal loan can save you significantly on interest.”

Remember to shop around and consult a financial professional before applying for a personal loan.


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