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Compelling Reasons Why India Must Be On Your Bucket List

Most people traveling the world have a tendency to forget about India. But the truth is that it is an amazing – and huge – country with iko much on offer it would take you years to see it all. Sure, you have the classic tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal, and it’s true that the major cities are bustling and sometimes overwhelming. But there are some other very good reasons why it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Let’s take a look at why you should make it your goal to visit India at least once.

Plan your trip to India

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The value for money

We won’t beat around the bush here, but India offers exceptional value for money for Western travelers. Yes, it is getting modern – and very quickly – but ultimately, your pound will go a long way. And when you combine the cost with the pace of life and the beauty of the place, it’s not much of a surprise that so many people go to India and never want to come back.

The vibrant diversity

When you visit India, you get pretty much anything you need when it comes to scenery. You could spend a day visiting the vast array of market stalls in Mumbai. The next, you could be making your way up the Himalayas. There are tropical-style beaches all over the coastlines, and enormous jungles inland for those of you who crave solitude and adventure. In short, India has something for everyone, and it can often feel like several countries all rolled into one.

The friendly people

Some individuals worry about going to highly populated countries such as India – it’s the second most inhabited country in the world. But the reality is that you will get an incredibly warm and friendly welcome. Indians are famous for their hospitality – check out some of the stories on an India travel forum to find out more. It’s not unusual for travellers of all kinds to end up in a family home for dinner – or maybe as a guest overnight. And there are even stories about travellers being invited to the world famous, colourful Indian weddings.

The spiritual journey

India has always been an incredibly spiritual place – it’s the birthplace of yoga, Hinduism, Sikhism, and has a huge Muslim and Christian population, too.  Whether you are religious or not doesn’t matter – there is a charm and elegance about the Indian spirituality that is hard not to like. You will learn new things, especially about yourself – many people we know who have been to India have come back with completely different mindsets.

The ancient history

The Indian civilisation is one of the world’s oldest, so it’s no surprise the entire country is steeped in historical architecture, artworks, and incredible ancient temples. If you are a lover of history and old cultures, there are few places better on earth – and even if you aren’t, the stories of Indian history are rich and fascinating.

Have you been to India? If so, let us know about your experiences, and also feel free to offer any advice for first-time travellers to this incredible country.

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