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Your Travel Insurance Questions Answered

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If you do not normally take out travel insurance when you go away on a trip then it is something which you should probably think twice about. Travel insurance covers you from losing money in a huge number of situations which can regularly occur whenever you go traveling. There are some fantastic travel insurance plans and policies to fit in with your every need, so the next time that you go away, why not give it some thought? Today we are going to look at some of the most frequently asked questions about travel insurance, to give you some further peace of mind.

Is It Worth It?

As with any insurance it is only worth it if you need it, but generally speaking yes, it is most certainly worthwhile. Firstly, you should be thinking about the fact that travel insurance is low cost and high reward. Travel insurance can cover you from cancelled flights, lost luggage, natural disasters, missed connections, lost passports, as well as medical expenses for treatments abroad. All of these things happen regularly so yes, it is worthwhile.

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What If I Cancel My Trip?

Travel insurance will pay out for cancelled trips either by you or by the airline. As long as the reason for your cancellation falls within the requirements of the policy, you can expect a full refund.

What If I Have a Medical Condition?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition then you most certainly should look at using travel insurance for your trip. Naturally you should expect a higher premium or higher deductible on your policy, given the heightened probability of something occurring, but you can also expect to receive full financial support from the insurer should you need medical assistance abroad.

Are All Plans the Same?

Whilst there are some general policies out there, you can easily tailor-make your policy to fit in with the destination that you are traveling to, and to fit with your own personal requirements. For example, someone going to the Costa del Sol for a fortnight, will have a much lower priced and simpler plan than someone who is going scuba diving in the Philippines. Plans are based on risk primarily and then the individual needs of the customer.

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Will I Be Covered for Activities Abroad?

If you are taking a holiday with multiple destinations, day trips or additional activities, you must let the insurer know prior to setting off. In most cases these may very well be covered by a standard policy but it is not worth running the risk. When you opt for a particular policy, it is your responsibility to let the insurer know all of your plans whilst you are away, to make sure that you will be covered for every eventuality.

Travel insurance may not be mandatory but if you want to travel in peace, it makes sense to get yourself covered.

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