Withings Activité Pop – Stylish Wearable Fitness Watch


Design and fit:

Withings’ Activité Pop is constructed from a PVD-coated metal, features mineral glass and has a silicone strap. The strap is a soft stretchy rubber and is really comfortable to wear. I’ve been wearing the Pop for a couple of weeks now including sleeping with it on most nights and there’s been no skin irritation issues like I have had with previous wareables.

The Pop’s strap is interchangeable too, so you’re able to change the strap depending on your outfit!

On the watch face is a pair of analogue hands and non-numbered interval markers, along with the 1-100 dial that represents your step progression, which means you don’t have to log into the app to check how many steps you’ve done (or need to do to meet you goal).



The Activité Pop is a basic “smart watch” but has some great features:

You can set an alarm to wake you up in the morning, which wakes you up with light vibration, checking the alarm time on the watch face is simply a case of double tapping the glass and watching the hands spin around to display the programmed time. The only annoying thing about the alarm is that you can’t stop this alarm once  it goes off, you need to just wait for it to stop, which is around 12 vibrations later..

The alarm also has a “Smart Wake-Up” feature which wakes your up gradually at the best time of your sleep cycle so you wake up feeling refreshed.

The sleep detection on the Pop is automatic so you don’t need to log into the app press any buttons before nodding off.

The Activité automatically recognizes a surge of intensity (such as a run) and logs it as running in the app so you don’t need to enter it manually.

It also automatically recognizes when you go swimming and again logs it for you, just put it on, dive in and the watch will log your full session and record calories burned. The Pop is water resistant up to 50m.  


The app: 

The Withings app is called Withings Health Mate which is fairly basic compared to some of the other smart watch apps however I think basic is good. It shows how many steps you have taken that day and how much sleep you have had including the sleep cycle, which seems fairly accurate. 

Setup is really easy as the watch pairs to the app and sets the time automatically based on your smartphone time zone. There is an initial calibration process that you need to go through to make sure the hands are all in the right places but it’s really straightforward, it’s a matter or lining up the dials.

One of the best things about is watch is that it’s for travellers, if you change time zones while wearing the Pop, it automatically resets itself. It does this by using your phone’s time setting, so don’t expect it to change mid-flight if your mobile is on airplane mode.


What you get in the box

  • Withings Activité Pop with silicone strap
  • Battery Installation tool
  • Quick start manual


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Grey 


  • iOS compatibility (7 or higher)
  • iPhone (4S and above)
    iPod touch (5th generation or higher)
  • Android compatibility (4.3 or higher)
  • Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy device
  • A CR2025 button cell (about 8 months of battery life) – Installation tool provided
  • Steps – Based on user’s motion
  • Distance  – Based on the user’s profile for high precision
  • Calories – Health Mate app widget displays active & metabolic calories, as well as the total caloric expenditure
  • Running – Automatically detected – In-app daily recap of duration and distance
  • Swimming Automatically detected -Duration and calories
  • Sleep – Time it takes to fall asleep – Duration – Sleep cycles (light and deep sleep) – Sleep interruptions


Dimensions and weight

Watch: 36,3 mm diameter (1.3”), 11,5 mm thickness (0.45″)
Watch strap: fit wrists up to 195 mm (7.7”)
Weight: 37 g (1.30 oz, 0.082 lb)

Water resistant up to 165 feet deep (50 m, 5 ATM)
Operating temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°)
Storage temperature: -20°C to 85°C (4°F to 185°)

Silent Alarm – A slight vibration to wake you up at a preset time.

Activity Pop is available now US$ 129.95

Disclaimer: Withings provided me with a new Activité Pop for review. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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