Windsurfing 101: Today’s Top Tips, Tech and Tools for Beginners

Welcome to the world of windsurfing. You chose an exciting sport that attracts daredevils and many fans. However, such high rewards are not won but earned. You’ll need to gather the right tools, tips, and technology to serve as a scaffold during your beginning period. This is windsurfing 101.Here’s what you need to know.

Windsurfing 101

You Can’t Do It Yourself

Start doing a Google search for ‘DIY ..‘ and you’ll be confronted with all sorts of projects you can do by yourself. However, windsurfing is not one of them. You’ll need guidance to learn how to grip correctly, position yourself on the board, and read the wind and waves. Unfortunately, you can’t do those things through trial and error; you need expert help.

Choose the Right Times

Similar to surfing, a beginner is not going to go out in conditions that exceed their skill level. A person who has just learned to stand up should not be trying to surf six foot waves. A beginner windsurfer needs wind to get their feet wet, but don’t go out on a day that is too windy. Also, don’t choose a board with a large sail; that’s for those with more experience. Furthermore, know the conditions of the air and water. Check the water with this thermometer app.

Windsurfing 101

Work Smarter

Windsurfing is a physical sport but you’ll have more success in incorporating your mind also. Windsurfing relies on good technique. Therefore, those who try to muscle the sail quickly grow tired and lose opportunity to cruise. However, those who work smart know how to position their body to use the sail and wind to their advantage.

Leave Your Ego At Home

There’s little doubt that you will fall more than a few times (You may even get catapulted.) However, it’s part of learning and getting better. If you can’t take the fact that others are going to be better than you and it will require effort and time to get good, then you might want to choose another sport. However, those who can be humble have the patience to start falling less and less.

Bend the Knees

It’s normal to want to stand straight. But standing straight is not going to help cruise through wind and surf. You’ll want to keep your legs bent, especially when going over bumps in the water. Also, though it may be a reflex to grow rigid during intense situations, a calm and relaxed posture helps maneuver the board much better.

Windsurfing 101

Focus and Follow with the Hips

Many beginners get excited, especially when they start getting the hang of riding. However, don’t lose focus or allow your head to bob around. You’ll realize your hips will follow your head and the rest of your body will follow your hips. So, you really need to focus on looking where you want to go and your hips and body will follow. Watch videos of experienced windsurfers in addition to finding opportunities to take lessons.

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