The Wildest, Hottest And Most Breathtaking Adventure Spots Down Under

Australia is, in many ways, a very special place. Not only is it arguably the wildest place left in the western world, but it’s also a land of extreme contrast, providing incredible opportunities for explorers and people who love the outdoors.

The landscape itself is full of awe-inspiring locations, and every journey you embark upon will have some great moment where you’ll stare out in wonder over the landscape, wondering how such beauty is possible.

Here we’re going to investigate some of the most superlative adventure spots in the whole of Australia. These are the wildest, hottest and most breathtaking places any camper or caravanner could go. Let’s take a look.

Mitchell Falls, Mitchell River National Park

Mitchell Falls

By JJ Harrison

The Mitchell River National Park is located in the remote Western Australian plateau. It’s a bit of hassle to get to even from Kununurra, taking more than 16 hours to drive the distance. It’s a good idea, therefore, to make sure you carry out any caravan repairs before you set off since you really will be in the middle of nowhere. The reason for making such a long journey is to visit the stunning Mitchell falls, a four-tiered waterfall surrounded by some of the remotest terrain in the whole of Australia. The falls themselves are about 6 km from the nearest campsite, meaning that they are well within walking distance. Just make sure that you’re fully self-sufficient before you arrive as there are no facilities to speak of this far away from civilization.

Bamurru Plains, Northern Territory

Glen Helen Gorge in Northern Territory

Wikimedia Commons

Australia’s Northern Territory is a little bit like Western Australia – full of wilderness and not much else. In contrast to Mitchell River National Park, however, there are opportunities to pamper yourself here. If you’re fed up with roughing it, you can head to the Bamurru Plains. Here, on the banks of the Mary River, you’ll find the ultimate in luxury camping and caravaning. There are all sorts of facilities, including safari suites complete with their own comfortable suites. You’ll have to pay a lot more for camping than you would at a regular site, but in return, you get luxury facilities as well as access to the stunning Kakadu National Park. It’s hot in the Northern Territory, so don’t forget to take your sunscreen.

Iga Warta, Northern Flinders Ranges

The area of Iga Warta is home to some of Australia’s native inhabitants. The cool thing about the region is that it is one of the few places in Australia where people are able to live off the land. The people who live here show tourists how to live off nature and allow them to try out life in the wild for themselves. The term Iga Warta itself means “the place where orange trees grow,” and tourists will get to eat wild oranges, as well as other food provided by the land in a type of bush tucker supermarket adventure.

Sleeping arrangements include regular campsites as well as luxury safari tents. You’ll have to pay extra for the luxury option.

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