Why Aloe Vera Is Nature’s Soothing Medic

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera……. Some people call it “the wonder plant”, others call it “nature’s soothing medicine”. But what is it really? Well, it’s actually a pretty succulent that’s easy to grow and is a member of the Liliaceae family of plants. You can use the slimy gel from the insides of the leaves to cure a myriad of ailments from painful sunburns to hot spots on your dog’s skin. It has tons of therapeutic properties and is often the main ingredient in a number of things that we use or consume regularly, including:

~ Cosmetics

~ Hair care products

~ Skincare products

~ Petcare products

~ Food (approved by the FDA for use in flavorings)

~ Food supplements

~ Herbal remedies

Why/How it Works

The derivatives of this magical plant have been in use for centuries and every day aloe vera products become more and more popular. It’s cultivated all over the world for its gel. Both medical and research experts, as well as manufacturers of aloe vera products, are saying that aloe works its magic mainly due to its contents, which involves 75 active ingredients, including:

  1. Essential amino acids
  2. Fatty acids
  3. Minerals
  4. Plant steroids
  5. Vitamins-A, B12, C, E, and choline

Aloe Vera

History of Aloe Vera

According to Egyptian medical records, aloe vera has been in use since the 16th century BC. In fact, a published Indian Journal of Dermatology study showed that aloe was called “the plant of immortality” in ancient Egypt. The study also showed that it had been used therapeutically for centuries, not only in Egypt but also in China, Greece, India, Japan, and Mexico.

Aloe Vera Forms

Beneficial aloe vera products are available in a number of forms, many of which are available online at aloeveraguru.com, including:

  1. Live leaves for fresh gel
  2. Gels
  3. Oils
  4. Liquids
  5. Aloe Vera pills
  6. Shampoos
  7. Creams
  8. Lotions
  9. Sprays

Hair Growth

Aloe contains both zinc and copper, two minerals that are integral to healthy hair, scalp, and hair growth. The average hair growth rate is approximately one centimeter per month, according to the Trichological Society. Washing your hair with an aloe vera product could help with promoting hair growth due to its natural abilities for improving the nutrient and oxygen delivery to your hair follicles, while also stimulating your blood circulation.

Acne Treatment

With its amazing antibacterial properties, aloe vera products have attained an excellent track record in the treatment of acne and other skin problems. Aloe vera can be used for soothing and healing a host of skin conditions and superficial cuts because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial and properties.

Stomach Health & IBS

For thousands of years, people have been using aloe vera juice for the treatment of stomach ailments. It has recently been shown quite useful in treating IBS and other intestinal issues.


According to a Journal of Pakistan Medical Association report, burn wounds that had been treated with aloe vera were found to heal significantly faster than those that were treated with one-percent silver sulfadiazine (SSD).

UV Ray Protection

The baby aloe shoot extract (BAE) is derived from one-month-old shoots and adult aloe shoot extract (AE) is derived from four-month-old shoots. According to a Phytotherapy Research article, the conclusion suggests that BAE could potentially protect your skin from damage caused by UVB rays much more effectively than AE.

Teeth & Gums

According to a General Dentistry study, when aloe vera is added to tooth gels, it’s just as effective as toothpaste for fighting cavities. This is mainly because of its germ-fighting abilities. In fact, when a tooth gel containing aloe vera was compared with two popular kinds of toothpaste, the gel was found to be as good or better than the toothpaste at controlling the oral bacteria that cause cavities.

So, whether you use aloe vera leaves or aloe vera products for your hair, skin, teeth, or stomach, you’re sure to find similar results. And, with very few known side effects, aloe vera could become your new best friend!

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