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What to Bring When Traveling With Your Dog

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This holiday season, you may be traveling, whether it’s to see your family or for a well-deserved vacation. 

While some people will hire a pet sitter, others will want to bring their four-legged friend with them. Here are some essentials you need to get to make your trip much more manageable.

Proper Documentation

Bringing documentation is common sense, but many may not think to bring certain documents, especially for a shorter trip. However, you never know when something will go awry. 

Here are some documents you should bring:

  • The latest vet records. These records can include prescriptions, vaccine documents, or other papers containing vital information about your pet. In case if there’s an emergency, vet records can help you streamline the process and make sure your pet gets help.
  • If your dog is a service animal, bring service animal registration documents to prove if you need them. Documentation can help you waive any pet fees and allow you to get your dog in more places.
  • Recent photos of your dog, be it physical or digital. In case your dog gets lost, recent photos can help others find them for you.

Their Favorite Toys

When traveling with your dog, you may want to bring their favorite dog toys. Think of your dog as your child. A child may become bored on the trip, especially if it’s a long drive or a long wait at the airport.

Toys can keep your dog from becoming anxious. Pack some of their favorites if you can, and they should be as happy as can be.

Travel Food and Water Bowls

Your dog is going to become hungry and thirsty during the trip.

A travel bowl can make it much easier for you to feed them and give them water whenever they need some refreshments. Travel bowls tend to be collapsible, allowing you to travel lightly. Plus, they tend to be made of travel-friendly materials, helping you save headaches later on.

Poop Bags

In case your dog makes a mess, be sure to clean it up. Even when you’re out in the wilderness, cleaning up after your pet is something you need to do. It’s not only good for the environment, but it shows that you care. 

Pack several and dispose of your pet’s waste properly.

Other Essentials

Finally, pack anything else you believe is relevant to your pet. Bedding can be great if your dog needs a good place to sleep. Same with a brush if you have a shaggy dog.

Obviously, with travel, you cannot bring every single item. However, packing the essentials can save you headaches later on if you have to scramble for an article for your dog.


Making a list of preparations for traveling with your pet can save you some trouble later on. 

Pack them a few days in advance and check up on what you’ve brought the day before.

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