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What Should You Wear in First Class?

Business Class seats for Singapore Airlines Adelaide to Beijing via Singapore

Depending on the length of your flight, it may be a no-brainer to fly first class. And, even if your flight is not that long, first class is still an option quite a few people will take. Flying first class can be luxurious and come with many perks, like meal service, more seating space, and even complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Even though you get all the comforts of first-class, recommends you still look the part while remaining extra comfortable in the clothes that you choose to wear. After all, wearing the correct type of gear can make the experience that much better.

1)  Inner Layer

When riding first class, you want something comfortable to wear that also looks appropriate. Women can wear something comfortable and appealing, like a halter tank top or a backless tank top. Sporting a stylish tank top is simple enough since you will be comfortable but also look good. You may think that a tank top is not professional enough, but that is where the outer layer comes in. Men can wear something stylish but comfortable, like a button-down short-sleeved shirt or plain black t-shirt.

2)  Outer Layer

Anyone who has been on an airplane knows that it can get cold on planes, especially if you are flying at night and people have their air conditioners blasting. Therefore, you need a reliable, stylish, and comfortable outer layer. A common example is a jacket. For men, if you plan to wear a black tee, it can pair nicely with a bomber or biker jacket. For women, a fur jacket or puffer coat can work. The best thing about the outer layer is that it will keep you warm and comfortable but can also double as a pillow. Just in case you need that extra support for your head.

3)  Comfortable Dress Pants

Now, since you are flying first class, you shouldn’t wear regular sweat pants like everyone else in the back of the plane, and you do not want to wear jeans because they can be uncomfortable if you are sitting for hours. Therefore, you will want to wear comfortable dress pants. You can find dress pants that are slip-on and require no buttons for extra comfort. There are also dress yoga pants; just make sure that they look professional. Dress yoga pants are the perfect solution for you to look first-class worthy while also being comfortable.

4)  Comfortable Shoes

Again, since you are in first class, you shouldn’t be wearing flip flops, and heels or complicated boots can be uncomfortable on a plane. Therefore, you will want something stylish but comfortable. Closed-toe shoes are the perfect solution to this, and they will keep your feet warm during the flight. The best part about closed-toe shoes is that they can quickly be taken off if you want to get extra comfortable.

The key to clothing in first class is to keep it comfortable, sensible, and professional-looking. You want to look the part and dress smartly for first-class no matter how long your flight lasts.

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