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What Car Insurance Should I Buy If I Go On Road Trips Often?

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The classic road trip is one of the most well-loved forms of vacation. Taking a road trip can be enjoyable for many reasons, including the comfort of being in one’s vehicle, the novelty of seeing new areas, the chance to bond with one’s travel companions, the flexibility of planning one’s schedule, and the ease of having one’s mode of transportation. When taking a road trip, the time spent traveling is just as much fun as the destination. But before you get too pumped up and start cramming, here’s something to think about: Do you have sufficient travel insurance to cover your road trip? Does the policy cover a road trip?

As a result of not wanting to ruin your day, we will assist you with the auto insurance policy. Let’s read here everything that could go wrong on your trip, and you can use that as a checklist to see if your car insurance policy would cover everything.

Go Comprehensive

You should know that the law requires you to have at least Third-Party Liability coverage on your car. However, such a fundamental strategy does not supply comprehensive protection, especially on the road. Therefore, choosing a Comprehensive insurance policy is recommended, which protects against natural and artificial calamities and coverage for your vehicle’s damage.

A Comprehensive Plan provides the legally required Third-party cover, keeping you in compliance with the law. On top of that, it will open the door to a wide variety of optional extras that will allow you to tailor your automobile insurance policy to your specific needs and enhance it for long-distance driving.

Add-on Covers for Road Trips

The cost of these add-ons is higher, but they provide additional protection at no additional risk to you. The Comprehensive plans are made more interesting by their inclusion. If your yearly schedule is packed with long car rides, here is a list of accessories to think about purchasing.

Roadside Assistance

The Roadside Assistance Option aims to get you back on the road quickly and safely after experiencing automotive difficulty. What would you do if your automobile unexpectedly broke down in the middle of nowhere? Where will you make your call? When will someone come to your aid? In what ways might your trip plans change?

If you have Roadside Assistance on your vehicle insurance policy, the firm will respond quickly and take care of the problem. You need only contact them and explain that your car has broken down. They could either tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop or send a technician to you. Occasionally, insurance companies will additionally cover the cost of finding another means of transportation or a new place to stay.

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Passenger Cover

It’s more perilous to drive on a highway than in a city. As a result, passengers are equally vulnerable to serious harm in the event of a car crash. A vehicle insurance policy provides the owner/driver with personal accident coverage of up to Rs. 15 lakhs. However, this type of protection for your passengers is an optional extra.

When you purchase the Passenger Cover Add-on, your fellow passengers in the insured car are also protected in the event of an accident. A group of friends, coworkers, or family taking a road trip might benefit from having a false identity.

Personal Belonging Cover

It is challenging to leave home without our electronic companions such as a smartphone, laptops, etc. Devices that rely on wireless connections are especially vulnerable to collision. Such devices can be insured as part of a policy called “Personal Belongings” if they are lost, stolen, or damaged in an accident.

Zero Depreciation

Provided your vehicle is less than five years old, you can use this accessory year-round. Fans of long road trips will like this, as vehicle damage is more likely to occur on the open road.

The value of auto parts typically decreases over time. Insurance companies take this into account when determining how much to pay to repair or replace a damaged item, and they do so by subtracting the amount of depreciation the part has experienced. No Depreciation When calculating reimbursement, Add-on does not account for depreciation costs. Consequently, the payout from any claims you file will be greater than without insurance.

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So, what if I’m driving a rental car, but I’m a car owner?

Most rental automobiles driven by U.S. residents are covered by their affordable auto insurance. Your current insurance policies, including liability, collision, and comprehensive, should also cover the rental.

However, there may be some coverage holes. Personal auto insurance, for instance, typically does not pay for “loss of use” expenses. When a rental automobile is damaged in an accident, the firm may assess a daily fee to compensate for the lost money. The sum may reach several thousand dollars.

If you rent a car, you may be able to decrease the amount you have to pay if something happens by purchasing a collision damage waiver (CDW). The cost of fixing or replacing your rented vehicle in the event of an accident or theft is mitigated by the CDW. Loss of usage, towing, service fees and depreciation of the rented automobile are also reimbursed.

Check your low-cost auto insurance and credit card policies before shelling out for the CDW.


You can locate a suitable policy by searching the website of your preferred auto insurance provider. Still, before making a purchase, it is essential to read and fully comprehend the policy’s terms and conditions and its coverages and exclusions. Reading the fine print of the plan you’ve settled on is an excellent place to start.

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