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A Few Ways of Making Money Whilst Backpacking

Backpacking tops the list of exciting undertakings to partake in because it is a travel style that lets you interact with every destination exhaustively. Your journeys can be made more exciting if you can make money in the process because the extra cash can enable you to gain entry into numerous tourist attractions. Besides, your travel and accommodation budget will be replenished from time to time. Let’s explore a few ways of making money whilst backpacking.

Online Writing

One of the items in your backpack should be a laptop computer if you are someone who is passionate about writing. Now you can earn from the comfort of whatever location you are in as long as a reliable internet connection is available. With the flexibility and convenience of this form of earning, you will balance your time between writing and travel perfectly.

Teach a Language

Many of the foreign nations you travel to have a limited grasp of the English language. That goes for languages like French, Chinese, Spanish and German that are also very popular. The demand for language teachers or tutors presents opportunities to earn some extra cash at whatever location you are in, particularly if you intend to spend a couple of weeks in it.

Online Taxis

If you decided to go down the route of having a campervan to travel around and it is in great condition, there is no need to park it somewhere until you return from your destination because the introduction of online taxi-hailing services such as Uber has changed things considerably. So, sign up with Uber or any of its alternatives, and you will receive earnings from your vehicle’s use from wherever you are in.

Trade Online

From any location you are in as a backpacker, there are earnings to be made if you trade online. There are various products that you can trade in, and these include forex, commodities, indices, shares and spreadbetting. You will be required to register at an online trading platform such as CMC Markets that will act as your brokers in that they will facilitate the purchase and sale of whatever you decide to deal in. In addition to trading at whatever time that is most convenient, the risks involved are few due to the abundant trading information available online.

Work in Hotels and Hostels

Many accommodation establishments are short of staff, particularly during peak seasons, and you can fill in such positions and earn in the process. Take up a position in housekeeping, driving, reception and many others. You can also use your skills to help in the setup of IT equipment in these establishments or help in fixing hardware or software problems. Some of these institutions may not have the cash to pay for your services, but that is not a problem since you may qualify for a free room or meals. Not bad for a backpacker!

Sell Products

Buy a few items at home and sell them during your travel. You will be amazed at just how much people are willing to pay for items from foreign nations. Your trade can be physical or online, but the latter is best because it exposes your wares to a large audience. The most money can be made of the items you are selling are handcrafted, meaning that you can create them as per their demand by clients, exposes your wares to a large audience.

Tour Guiding

The demand for tour guides is high, especially for English-speaking ones. You will receive a short training before getting started on your duties. The income is sufficient to live on, meaning that you will pay all your bills promptly. Also, you will literally get paid for carrying out one of your favourite activities- travelling.


Your laptop will come in handy once more because it can be used in your online language translation activities. Freelance websites are always looking for persons with fluency in particular languages and strong writing skills. It is also possible to offer these services offline, especially in courtrooms and business meetings that involve foreigners.


You can earn substantially if you start a blog about travel. The reason is that many people are interested in learning about the fun places they can visit, meaning that you will soon have a large following. A blog typically earns revenue from the paid ads you put on it or sponsored content from organisations that want you to feature their services or products in your content


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