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Is Your Wardrobe Summer Ready?

We are well into ‘summer’ now, but with torrential rain, wind and thunderstorms still a daily occurrence it is highly unlikely that your wardrobe is summer ready. But how are you supposed to have it ready for sun and warm weather, when you still need an anorak and wellies?

Don’t worry, there is still time for the sun to make an appearance and with summer holidays guaranteeing glorious sunshine and festivals on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe.

So, if your wardrobe is still looking like it is mid-winter, here are a few ways you can get it summer ready:

Do some online ‘window’ shopping

Men aren’t the biggest fans of shopping are they? Unlike women who can spend hours looking through the rails and trying on outfits, men would rather pop in, pick up what they need and get out of there. According to a study, men get bored of shopping after just 26 minutes!

But, the internet and online shopping has changed all that, with stores enabling us to search their virtual rails any time, anywhere – a report actually found that 40% of men are happy to do all their shopping online. So, take a look at the likes of CluesFashion, which have dedicated ‘Holiday Essentials’ sections – so you can just scroll through, find what you like and add it to your basket!

Research what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ this summer

Research by Mintel found that, although trends tend to move more slowly in menswear, wearing clothes that feel current is an increasingly important factor for men. 26% of those aged 25-34 said they were driven by the latest fashions when buying clothes, compared with only 17% of women in the same age bracket. Scroll through the pages of online magazines such as Esquire, perhaps during your lunch break, on your commute to work or while you watch TV and as well as seeing what will and won’t be in fashion this summer, you can also get ideas and inspiration.

Make sure you have the essentials

There are some summer wardrobe essentials that you may want to stock up on before the sun comes out. T-shirts, of course, are a good start – they go with everything and are perfect to throw on during warmer days. You might also want to pick up some no-show socks – perfect to stop your feet getting hot, sweaty and smelly in your summer shoes.

Don’t forget about accessories

When high temperatures start to restrict your outfit choice and you are spending day in, day out in shorts, flip flops and t-shirt – the finer details start to become quite important. A few accessories you might want to consider are – a baseball cap, statement sunglasses, bracelets, a woven belt and a lightweight watch.

Getting your wardrobe summer ready couldn’t be easier – and thanks to online shopping, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your house to do it!

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