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TYLT ENERGI 6K Smart Charger with Euro Adapters – Micro-USB

ENERGI 6K Smart Charger with Euro Adapters

I have to say that im a massive fan of TYLT products, they are always high-end. When you pick up a product from TYLT it definitely does not feel cheap, and it feels like a premium, good quality product that wont break after using it once. The ENERGI 6K Smart Charger with Euro Adapters is not exception!

Today ill be reviewing the new ENERGI 6K Smart Charger. This smart charger is designed to replace your standard wall charger and keep you charged all day and night no matter where you are. Simply plug the 6K into your wall and it acts like a normal USB wall charger. You can charge any device that charges via standard USB. Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

The Intelligent Charging Technology prioritizes the charge to your device until your device is fully charged. It then charges the 6,000mAh battery onboard. When you need it just unplug the 6K from the wall, fold down the collapsible plug and take it with you.

ENERGI 6K Smart Charger with Euro Adapters

Compared to a number of other power banks or portable chargers that are available out there right now, the TYLT ENERGI 6K Smart Charger’s definitely has an edge, it’s a wall charger that you can take anywhere with you which eliminates the need to have a wall charger and power bank.

TYLT ENERGI 6K Smart Charger is available in two colors, they come in blue and grey. There are two models, the only difference is if you choose either micro USB (Android) or Lightning cable (iPhone). You’ll find the embedded micro USB cable or lightning cable.

The power button, which is located on the front in the lower right-hand corner, has an LED light to show you that the charger is on. It does change colors letting you know it’s either charging or discharging when in use and as mentioned when it’s plugged in, once it has charged your phone it will charge itself.

ENERGI 6K Smart Charger with Euro Adapters

The ENERGI 6Khas enough charge to charge my iPhone almost two full times which isn’t much really however I used this as my main charger at home and as a back up during the day so it was perfect. It charges up pretty quick, taking just over 2 hours.

What you get in the box:

Includes UK and European plug adapters

Energi Travel Charger with Built-in Battery

1 User Guide

ENERGI 6K Smart Charger with Euro Adapters


  • Rechargeable 6,000mAh internal battery
  • Built-in Micro USB cable and universal USB port for charging most Smartphones
  • Plug adaptors for US, UK & EU plugs
  • LED light indicates remaining battery capacity
  • Pass-through charging (charges your phone first, then recharges itself)


  • Product Dimensions9 x 4.2 x 1.2 cm ; 299 g
  • Boxed-product Weight:358 g
  • Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

ENERGI 6K Smart Charger RRP $79.99

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Disclaimer: Thank you to TYLT who provided with the ENERGI 6K Smart Charger for review . All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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