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Travel Writing: How to Write a Stellar Essay

Oftentimes, the success of an academic paper strongly depends on the topic and subject. Students may be great experts in writing different types of essays but they fail miserably if the topic is overly complex. You would hardly experience great difficulties if you’re assigned an essay on travel. Nonetheless, you should remain focused and get ready for whatever may come. It turned too often that a simple task became a real nightmare.

The main purpose of travel essays is plain. You should tell about a country, city, some location (such as mountains, lakes, etc.) you’ve visited or wish to visit. However, the story is supposed to be catchy and interesting. You should know how to plan it properly to do a stellar essay by yourself or with someone’s help. We can help you with this task. This guide is dedicated to the main peculiarities of travel essay writing.

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Consider the following points:

  • Compile travel experience.
  • Choose a great place.
  • Research the chosen place.
  • Specify your story.
  • Add images.
  • Avoid stereotypes and assumptions.
  • Write in the first person perspective.

Hereafter, we’ll clarify these guidelines to provide you with a better understanding of how to complete them.

Point #1

Assignments on traveling are no rarity. These are pretty standard tasks and if you know that, you should begin to gain experience as soon as possible. If you travel often, you won’t have any trouble at all. Every time you take a trip, take notes about the places you visit. You may even initiate your own travel blog. Many people do that and share their impressions with others on the Internet. It’s a good method to gain the necessary experience and sharpen your writing and creative skills.

Point #2

If you have visited a lot of places, you’ll have a rich choice. Reconsider all the countries and places you’ve managed to visit and think which one would be the most interesting for you and your readers. You should really like what you are supposed to describe. Thus, your motivation and inspiration will be reinforced.

Point #3

After you make the final choice, gather information about it. You should find general facts about that place. It may be the population, original name, story of foundation and so on. Look for valid sources of information. Otherwise, you’ll deceive your readers.

Evaluate the gathered information. Think about the most interesting facts that may make your story captivating. Afterward, plan the order of appearance of those facts in the text. Some general facts should be used as a hook in the introduction. The most unique ones should appear in the main body of your essay.

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Point #4

Your story should step out of the crowd. Nobody would like to read a boring essay about a common city or village you’ve visited. Make the story captivating and interesting. It can be done by adding specifics. What are they? These are some uncommon places to visit, such as historical buildings or beautiful natural surroundings, etc. You may likewise find some catchy local stories, historical events or extraordinary customs and traditions. Ask the local citizens about all non-standard things and events.

It’s also advised to choose a concrete location in the city or town. It would be difficult to describe the place if it’s big. Therefore, concentrate on a certain area that is interesting to visit. Build your story on its basis.

Point #5

Don’t forget about the pictures. It would be good to take a camera while you’re on the trip. Take shots that can be used in your essays. If you missed that chance, don’t be upset. Look for the images on the Internet. You will definitely find something catchy to insert into your paper. A visualization is a powerful tool. Firstly, it helps people with poor imagination to understand their descriptions. They actually see what you describe.

Secondly, it adds creativity and individual approach to your project. Thus, you may receive additional grades from your professor. Besides, do not forget about other important touches that may make your research more vivid. Divide your text into equal parts and logical blocks. Add bullet lists and something of the kind. Use your creativity at full.

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Point #6

Another important rule is to avoid clichés. They won’t make your story intriguing and original. You should use your own examples, comparisons, and so on. Express your own style to get the right tone.

You should likewise avoid making any sort of assumptions about the matters you don’t really know or understand. Many students add some of their own guesses concerning things they aren’t certain about. It’s a huge mistake because your readers expect the real story from you. Don’t disappoint them. If you cannot confirm some facts, leave them alone and switch to some you can prove.

Point #7

The last tip on our list is the perspective. It is recommended choosing a first-person perspective. This recommendation is vital because it shows that you are involved in the storyline. When you say “I visited that marvelous place and it took my breath away…” you let know the readers that you were really impressed because you’ve seen that with your own eyes.

If you write from the third person perspective, it seems that you retell somebody else’s story. Your readers should believe that you have experienced everything in reality. Thus, they will also feel as if they were there with you.

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