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Travel Wear for 5 Different Destinations

Travel Wear for 5 Different Destinations5

Whether you’re going abroad for work or play, travelling to new destinations is always so exciting! There is just so much to see and do in this world and my ultimate dream would be to travel the world. Adapting to each destination has a large influence on our wardrobe and gives us a little idea on what we should be packing. Are you off to tan and sip cocktails on Miami Beach or strolling the bright lights city suburbs of New York. Each destination has their own character and personality and we can probably guess from how their feeling for that month. There’s a chance they could be miserable and raining all throughout august or beaming with sunshine and smiles in June. And for this reason, this is why we need different outfits for different places. Here, i share with you the most practical travel wear for 5 of the most popular destinations in the world.

Travel Wear for 5 Different Destinations1


Of course, the one that everyone must go to see the beautiful European landscapes and famous buildings. Discover the city’s cultural treasures of museums galore, stellar shopping and busy cafés that are perfect for people-watching. Parisian fashion is classic and chic, French women always know how to dress effortlessly elegant. Things to pack would be light flowy blouses, well tailored jackets and comfortable ballet flats along with your most expensive handbag. Don’t forget a pair of culottes, Rue Madame do a great selection.

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New York

The place with so much happening, discover inspiring architecture and developing art scenes, there’s so much to do! Watch a show in Broadway, shop till you drop in Soho or take a stroll in Central Park and explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods. With lots to do, I would pack for comfort and bring with me casual basic t shirts and tanks, jeans and lots of layers like cardigans or thin jumpers and scarves just in case it gets chilly. Footwear choice would be sneakers for the constant moving around.

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Cancun Mexico

Summer is one of my favorite times to shop for, and I have an obsession with pretty long flowy maxi dresses with colorful prints. Definitely my essentials to pack would have to be a pair of everyday sunnies and a good sized beach bag. I swear by my classic Vanessa Bruno canvas tote bag and they have a lovely collection at Rue Madame. Perfect for the most heavenly place on earth of dreamy beaches, and luxury lifestyle.

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The cosmopolitan city with a unique blend of historic traditions and a hip, modern culture. Depending on the time of year, you’d probably be best putting a coat on. Parka coats with a hood can save you from the rain, they are quite light too if it gets too stuffy on the tube. Be prepared to always dress like you’re going for tea and crumpets at a royal garden with pretty tea dresses and delicate floral skirts.

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Flaunt what you got and really dress for the occasion at this international playground of nonstop night life, sandy shores and palm trees. Hot year round you will need to load up on your beachwear, sunnies and sandals. Not forgetting the occasional chic playsuits and lighter weight fabrics of shirts, shorts and crop tops. Chic wedges are great to take from day to night and comfortable too. Where to next?  I can’t wait to pack for my next destination.

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