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Trade In Tradition For Very Disney Christmas Next Year

It’s probably around this time of year that you’re frantically searching for a free range organic turkey that will feed the horde of visiting guests for Christmas this year. You’re most likely also lugging around heavy and expensive Christmas presents for the kids, reading up on vegan alternatives so that everyone can enjoy Christmas dinner equally and hoping that the mother-in-law doesn’t have too much to drink and treat the whole family to her vociferously loud opinions. All of these myriad stressors around the festive period can transpire to make us say to ourselves… “Never again”.

If this sounds achingly familiar, now’s the best possible time to start thinking about next year’s holiday celebrations. If you want to treat the whole family to a truly magical Christmas there are few more incredible destinations than the most magical place on Earth… Disney World! If the thought of Christmas amidst the Disney favorites of your Childhood while someone else does all the cooking and preparation then read on, for Christmas is a particularly magical time to visit Disney World…

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Disney Land

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There’s More-ida to Florida

If you’ve never been to Florida you may think that there’s little to the state than Disney, oranges and the elderly, but the state offers an incredibly diverse palette of experience to offer holiday makers. If your family loves to explore, the state offers some of the finest road tripping in America. Highway 19 just north of Orlando offers some spectacular terrain, including the  Ocala National Forest which offers extensive hiking among verdant forestry and crystal clear lakes. If you really want to go all-out a coast-to-coast road trip from Pensacola all the way through to Key West will give you a snapshot of the state’s many and varied marvels.

If you prefer to get around by boat, the state is (quite literally) the boating capital of the world. What more memorable Christmas experience can you offer your family than checking out some of the yacht rental Miami has to offer. Miami beach should be seen to be believed although Key West is no less beautiful in the winter and still offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the continental US.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

One of the best things about Christmas away from home is the knowledge that the food and festivities are taken care of and all you have to focus on is enjoying your day. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party may not be the cheapest way to celebrate Christmas (tickets start at $89 per head), but there are few experiences on Earth that can offer such a wonderful variety of live shows and diversely delicious foods.

Mickey Christmas and a Disney New Year

Though the costs may come at a premium and it’s likely to get pretty busy it’s worth staying through Christmas and New Year if your budget will accommodate it. There’s a breathtakingly spectacular fireworks display at New Years’ Eve that will see your vacation out (quite literally) with a bang and leave you counting the days until you can go again.



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