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Top Internet-Friendly Cities Across the Globe

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Traveling is not merely about visiting a place, exploring it, and going back home. At present, in the 21st-century, traveling has become a passion and the profession of many. And the internet is one major part of both passion and profession; you can’t do anything without it.

The people who travel for passion want to access the internet to upload stories on Instagram or Facebook and show their loved ones the best moments. Whereas the professionals are more into travel vlogging and documenting their experiences to their followers.

Well, whatever the purpose may be, the point is that everyone needs the internet while traveling.

Therefore, to fulfill your internet needs on your trips, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the cities that will not disappoint with their internet capabilities.

Small Note

Of course, the speed might vary according to chosen plans or circumstances. However, if you travel to these cities, you will certainly find a free Wi-Fi hotspot. However, please bear in mind the dangers of connecting to unknown networks. You should not do this without proper protection.

One of the tools allowing you to connect to any free hotspot is a Virtual Private Network. It encrypts your traffic, preventing network managers or other connected users from snooping on your traffic. Once you reroute your traffic through remote servers and scramble it, you can rest assured that no one will steal your data due to unsecured connections.

London, UK

London is one of the magnificent cities across the globe that you should visit. London has many famous sites like Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, and the Tower of London. It is one of the most picturesque places in the world, and once you visit this place, you won’t be able to stop yourself from clicking hundreds of pictures.

Apart from being beautiful, London has also been praised for its Wi-Fi speed. While roaming around the beautiful streets of this city, you can enjoy over 688,126 Wi-Fi spots. So, if you visit London, you will surely find a way to connect to the internet.

London city travel holiday background. Big Ben and Houses of parliament with Westminster bridge in London, England, Great Britain, UK.

Paris, France

Paris is a fantastic city that you should visit if you are looking for some romantic vibes. The city is home to some of the most iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Furthermore, the romantic city is also fantastic for internet connectivity around the city. In Paris, you can witness a download speed of around 42.8 Mbps which is more than enough for watching your favorite shows online.

from paris with love. Eiffel Tower at sunset in Paris, France. Romantic travel background. Eiffel tower is Paris symbol

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is known as the most technologically advanced city globally and offers high-tech infrastructure. If you are looking for one of the most reliable and fastest internet connections, Tokyo is the place for you.

You can enjoy a whopping download speed of 45 Mbps in Tokyo, which is perfect for streaming high-definition videos or downloading large files.The city also has an excellent upload speed of 43 Mbps which is great for uploading videos or photos of your trip.

Tokyo Tower

New York City, USA

If there’s one city in the world that never sleeps, it’s New York City. The city that doesn’t sleep is also one of the most technologically advanced cities globally and is home to technology lovers. In addition, the city offers some of the best internet speeds across all the continents.

In New York City, you can enjoy a good download speed of 33 Mbps, perfect for streaming or downloading high-quality videos. The city also has a fantastic upload speed of 30 Mbps which is great for uploading videos or photos of your trip.

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Times Square is featured with Broadway Theaters and LED signs as a symbol of New York City and the United States, in Manhattan, New York City.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The people of this city are known for their warm hospitality and excellent ethnic food. Apart from that, this place also has some of the best internet connectivity around the globe.

Also, the city is one of the most internet-friendly cities globally, where around its streets, you can experience some amazing upload and download speeds. In Amsterdam, you can enjoy a great download speed of 44 Mbps, perfect for streaming 4K definition videos.

KEUKENHOF, NETHERLANDS -Blooming pink tulips flowerbed in Keukenhof garden, aka the Garden of Europe, one of the world largest flower gardens & windmill & tourists. Lisse, Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the creative and architectural capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is well-known for its unique culture. The city features the mesmerizing Sagrada Familia Basilica and other breath-taking objects designed by Antoni Gaudí. Both the Picasso Museum and the Joan Miró Foundation are home to modern works by their namesake artists Picasso and Joan Miró.

You would love to share the amazing arts with the world through the internet, and Barcelona has made sharing easy for you. Barcelona provides 12 Mbps of uploading speed which serves the purpose of uploading photos or videos smoothly. The average download speed in Barcelona is 59 Mbps which is suitable for downloading a large file.

Barcelona, Spain - 14th-century Gothic church Santa Maria del Pi in the gothic quarter of Barcelona Spain in Placa del Pi with colorful flags and a small cafe


Overall, these are some of the best internet-friendly cities in the world where you can enjoy impressive speeds for streaming videos, downloading large files, and uploading photos. If you are looking for a spot to travel and perhaps work remotely, these spots are ideal for both business and pleasure!

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