Timeshares Provide Options for Family Vacations

A family week-long vacation is often more enjoyable when you stay in accommodation with a kitchen and living room. One-, two- and three-bedroom timeshare units located at resorts and in cities around the world can accommodate two to six people in comfortable surroundings. Some deluxe timeshare units feature spa tubs and state-of-the-art entertainment electronics.

You can rent a timeshare unit directly from owners. Many timeshare units are in rental pools available to families who want to try different resort options. You can also buy a timeshare resale directly from owners who want to sell their vacation ownership.

A resale timeshare is often up to 50% lower than the sale from a resort company. Know all of the details of the purchase, including the condition of the units and the building(s), prior to the purchase. Learn all of the rules of timeshare ownership, especially if the unit belongs to a corporation.

Many timeshares come with points that you can accrue each year even though you have not used the property for a vacation. Points can be used for other properties with some companies. The point systems vary and they can be confusing. Points may also have an expiration date forcing you to use them or lose them.

Inspect the Property

The best way to determine if a timeshare is right for you is to rent a condo unit at your favorite destination. This may be Hawaii, Disney World, a Caribbean island, Costa Rica, Mexico, or any other location. Your preferred destination may be a ski or golf resort.

Always avoid the timeshare “hustle” at resorts where over-eager salespeople try to pressure you into a sales presentation that includes a free meal and gifts. This is a “hard sell” and they might not tell you if the building needs repairs. They may even try to sell timeshares for buildings that are under construction and under-funded.

You should check out the building and facilities that interest you on your own as though you were buying a full condo ownership.

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A few things to note include:

  • Kitchens and bathrooms that function without problems.
  • Learn about the building’s electrical and plumbing system.
  • Investigate the overall condition of the building and any recent repairs.
  • Check all recreational facilities including access to swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses.

Ask questions from other timeshare owners at the resort. Find out how pleased they are about their ownership before you buy a timeshare. Read online reviews if they are available.

Recreational Facilities

Many timeshare properties are located around golf courses but they do not include golf privileges. Timeshare owners may get reduced green fees. Extra fees may be added for the use of golf facilities including the driving range and putting greens. Timeshare owners may be entitled to tennis courts, pools and clubhouse facilities at golf clubs.

Most timeshare communities have swimming pools even if they are on the beach. Check out the condition of the pool. Timeshare owners may have an additional assessment if the pool needs major repairs.

Tennis courts are offered at many condos. Learn the rules for reserving court time.

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Seasonal Use

Timeshares at ski resorts are always popular. The price of the ski resort timeshare will depend on when you want it for high season. The last two weeks in December and the spring break weeks are the most expensive.

Sun Valley, Whistler, Aspen, and other ski resort areas are beautiful during the summer. Timeshares in ski resort locations cost less during the off-season. Timeshares in desert resorts such as Palm Springs are also less expensive from May to October.

Only buy a timeshare if you know you will use it.

You must know all of the information regarding the timeshare when you purchase a resale or new unit. Timeshares can be placed in a rental pool but there is no guarantee that it will be rented. Meanwhile, you are probably making payments on the unit with the additional resort and amenity fees.

Additional information on new timeshares and resales can be found both online and in-person. Explore the maintenance and other fees in detail, as well as seasonal use and schedules. The right timeshare can be a good way to enjoy your vacation.

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