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Why You Should Think Before Quitting Your Job to Travel

It’s tempting to quit your job to travel; you read the travel blogs, envy your friend who’s a National Geographic photographer and you watch every single one of Anthony Bourdain’s Instagram stories. It seems that so many people are off following their bliss in Bali, trekking through Thailand, and visiting the summit of Everest these days while you’re stuck at your humdrum day job. Why not buy a one way ticket and quit? It’s an exciting proposition, but don’t buy that ticket just yet. These are the must know cons of quitting your job to travel.

1. Less Financial Freedom

Quitting your job means putting yourself at great financial risk. If you want to quit your job to travel, don’t do so until you have enough in savings to tide you over for a month or two after you arrive. Chances are you will have to find some means of working while you travel. Should you travel for months or years, try picking up a freelance job. Offer translation service or find a freelance writing or data entry gig. Freelance and remote jobs are available in almost every career. Some companies are looking to hire copywriters, while others are hoping to hire a 3D animator; no matter your skillset, you can find a freelancing opportunity.

2. Less Economic Stability

Since 2008, the global market has been in a state of flux—and not for the better. While the market has once again made a steady climb, this isn’t true for all countries. Countries like Greece are bankrupt and others have a fragile economic infrastructure. In some areas your dollar may go far while in others it will fall short. The rise and fall of your dollar versus the currency in another country will make it difficult to budget.

3. (Arguably) Less Political Stability

Every country has its fair share of political tension but you may come to a rude awakening when you stay in another country. Before you travel to another country, research the current political climate. Search your destination on the U.S. government security watch site to determine the current political situation. If the country has high tensions with other countries like Russia, South Korea or Syria, this may not be the place for you. While South Korea is friendly to westerners, its northern cousin is not. Determine if it’s worth the risk.

4. Healthcare Risks

Many countries have strict healthcare laws. If you require certain medication look it up online to make sure it’s legal in their country. You may be required to change your medication before you leave lest security takes it away. If you have any preexisting conditions consult your doctor before you leave and heed their advice. Research the government’s healthcare system to see how you’d be covered in case of an emergency. Many countries will provide only minimum treatment and deport you back to your country. Other countries may not use or have advanced medical technology.

5. Less Time with Family and Loved Ones

It may not seem possible now, but eventually the honeymoon period of travelling will wear off and you’ll start to miss home. Some people don’t have many loved ones at home of they’re comfortable with the solitude, but loneliness will haunt you from time to time. It will be difficult when you want to visit a friend’s house or talk to your mom face-to-face and know that you can’t. If you want to keep in touch, you’ll have to make a firm effort to do so.

6. Nowhere to Call Home

Some people are able to spend their whole lives floating from place to place, but not everyone is so free-spirited. Everywhere you live will be temporary whether it be a hotel, a hostel or the home of a host family. As a traveler you don’t have a permanent room to decorate and make your own.

7. You Can’t Run Away from the Past

People travel for different reasons and some travel to escape something in their past. But it’s just like the old saying goes, “you can’t run away from your problems.” If you have a wound from your past you need to treat it at home. Travel is an adventure, not an escape. Wherever you are your trouble will haunt you. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are in the right place so you can fully embrace your trip.

Travelling is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have in their life. If you want to quit your job to travel, consider these points and plan accordingly to have a fun and safe trip.

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    I am thinking alot of quiting my job … and go for my dream … there are always reason not to do it … but one day i will be 6 feed under … and then there is no chance to do it anymore. So set the think off and just GOOOO 🙂

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