The Perfect Luxury Destination, Suited To Your Personality

Luxury travel vacation aerial of overwater bungalows resort in coral reef lagoon ocean by beach. View from above at sunset of paradise getaway Moorea, French Polynesia, Tahiti, South Pacific Ocean.

Instead of just going on holiday, why not choose a destination that is best suited to your personality?

The world is so accessible that no matter what activity or type of location we long for the most, we can go! Take a look at some of the luxurious destinations for different personalities.

The Perfect Luxury Destination For Active People

Head off to the Himalayas in North India and go trekking to see some of the world’s most beautiful views. Here you can trek from village to village or rent yourself a luxury house to use as your base.

As far as luxury goes in the Himalayas, luxury lodges in the region can now be fully staffed, and you can even hire your very own private chef.

The Perfect Luxury Destination For Thrill Seekers

There is a hotel in Berlin with its own waterpark. It doesn’t look like the most luxurious of locations, and an old Soviet air hangar isn’t what would first spring to mind when thinking of a waterpark be but wait until you see what’s hiding inside. The location is called Tropical Islands and is located in Krausnick in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin. Germany- Brandenburg gate at sunny day in Berlin. Germany. Brandenburg gate is a famous sightseeing of Berlin.

The Perfect Luxury Destination Suited To Explorers

Komodo Island can be enjoyed by luxury yacht but the adventure getting there and the wonderful sights and experiences along the way will make you feel like an explorer from times gone by.

Komodo is an almost deserted island but inhabited by, of course, Komodo Dragons which are a wonderful sight to see. This is the only place on earth you can see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat and it’s a wonderful sight to see.

The Perfect Luxury Holiday Destination For People Who Love History

One of the most interesting and mysterious historical destinations in the world in Egypt. So much is still unknown but there’s also a lot of history and culture in history that has been discovered and is waiting for you to go and explore.

From sunsets and pyramid camel rides to seeing Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. There are plenty of luxury villas, penthouses and yachts to unwind in while you aren’t out catching up on some history to ensure your stay in Egypt is one to remember.

Giza valley with Great pyramids. Egypt

The Perfect Luxury Holiday Destination For Those Who Are In Need of A Detox

Whether you are detoxing your mind, body or soul there are some amazing luxury retreats where you don’t have to compromise your comfort while fixing your inner self.

A great place to detox in luxury is Park Igls which is a health spa in Austria where the enhanced detox cleanses connected tissue and eases pressure on joints to those who stay here by providing the body and mind with new, motivating and inspiring impulses. Ideal for anyone aiming for optimal health benefits while enjoying a wonderful holiday in a stunning location.

The Perfect Luxury Holiday Destination For People Who Are Environmentally Conscious

If you don’t mind offsetting your emissions then take a trip to the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel. Located in Switzerland. It’s a wonderful resort where everyone has their own luxury pod, surrounded by snow with panoramic views of the mountain peaks. Each pod comes with luxury bathrooms, wood-burning fires, beautiful interiors and hot tubs. Everything here is surprisingly eco-friendly and they have proven that echo does not have to mean cutting back on the finer things in life.

What kind of personality do you have? and which place are you drawn to the most?

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