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The Differences Between Kobo and Kindle and Why Kobo is Better!!

The Differences Between Kobo and Kindle and Why Kobo is Better!!11

I first saw a Kindle in the hands of a Kellan Lutz, when Twilight was all the rage, I instantly jumped online trying to work out what this electronic e-reader was as I had just become hooked on reading and the idea of having an e-book as opposed to lugging around 4 books on my travels seemed like a dream come true!

I purchase my Kindle through the Amazon store but had to do it “sneakily” and have it sent via as you could only get Kindles in America at the time. Once I got it and tried to get book, there was a whole other set of problems which included having to purchase Amazon gift vouchers with my address … needless to say it was a huge pain in the ass! I was eventually able to buy an Australia version and sold my American one and my Kindle has lived in my bag for years since.

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I was recently given a Kobo Aura H20 to play with as apart of the 7 Day Kobo e-Reading Challenge and I’m not sure I’m going back to my kindle, here’s why I have found that my Kobo is way better than my Kindle.

Battery = Kobo wins!

The battery for the Kobo can supposedly last up to two months, where as the Kindle only lasts “weeks”, unsure if this means 2 week… 6 weeks …?. Less charging means more reading!

Waterproof = Kobo wins!

The Kobo Aura H20 is waterproof and can be immersed in 1m of water for up to 30 mins. The kindle is definitely not waterproof and requires a waterproof case and a wish and hope that the case remains waterproof. (sadly I have experienced a very expensive “waterproof” case that was not very waterproof… 

Customisation = Kobo wins!

With the Kobo, you are able to customize to your reading experience, with 11 different front type and 24 front size to choose from, where as kindle only offer 8 text sizes to to choose from Kobo’s menu has this handy graph that shows you how many minutes left in a particular chapter, how long the next chapter is and how long you have left in the book, where as Kindle (depending on the book) will tell you how long you have left in the book.. 

The Differences Between Kobo and Kindle and Why Kobo is Better!!

Try before you buy = Kobo wins! 

Kobo has the ability to preview a book which means you are able to (usually) read 1-3 chapters of the book to see if it interests you. Where as samples offered on Kindle, select random sections of the book. 

Price and Availability = Kindle wins! 

Sadly this is where Kindle/Amazon tends to win people over. Amazon offers Over 1.5 million titles are AUD$4.99 or less, over 2.5 million are AUD$9.99 or less. This is hard to compete with although Kobo titles range from $1.99AUD to $34.00+ AUD (I got 3 of the Hunger Games book as a pack for $37.00 AUD) however have found most books on Kobo are around $8-$10 AUD.

I have read many articles about how Amazon is ripping off Authors so I guess, paying  a little extra to support these great Authors isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Show covers of books = Kobo wins!

When you put your Kobo to sleep it shows the cover of the book you are reading, how far you are into the book and that it is asleep (or powered off). Kindle is yet to offer this and while it’s not a “big issue”, I think its pretty cool! I’ve heard of people jailbreaking their kindle to show this.

The Differences Between Kobo and Kindle and Why Kobo is Better!!

Being able to read multiple formats = Kobo wins

Kobo supports 14 file formats (EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR). Where as Kindle Supports the Kindle format AZW3 and PDF, you can add EPUB/Mobi and text files onto kindle but it messes with the formatting which is a pain in the ass

Accessories = Kindle wins!

I’m a fan of accessorising my gadgets, this is where Kobo is a bit of a let down… At this stage they only offer one cover (in 2 different colours) for the Kobo Aura H20, which is fairly expensive is $35 AUD. Where are Kindle has a heaps of different covers (materials and designs) starting from $20 AUD however you can get them a lot cheaper on eBay. Although you can get some nice covers for the Kobo on Esty.

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Price = Same same but different…

The Kindle Paperwhite starts at $179 AUD not including postage. Where as the Kobo is $179 (not starting at) and this includes free postage!


Kobo wins hands down for me… It prices similar to the Kindle and yes the books can be slightly higher in price but the overall features and membership benefits are fantastic! Not only that but the home screen and navigation far out weights the Kindle.

10 Reasons You'll Fall in Love With Kobo Too!


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