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The Best Attractions on the East Coast of USA

USA is a country full of variety, cultures, and lifestyles. On the east coast, not only did the country begin to be settled and independence declared, the east coast offers a lot of sights from Maine on the Canadian border to Florida. 

Whether you want to go on a round trip on the east coast by rental car, bus, or flight, you will see top-class sights live and gain many unforgettable experiences!

Remember that everyone traveling to the United States must have a valid ESTA, which is an electronic entry permit that is obtainable 100% online. You no longer have to visit the Embassy nor go through stressful visa interviews!

Check ESTA requirements, use your phone or laptop and fill the application form providing your name, surname, birthdate, e-mail address, and passport details. Cover the ESTA fee and once the entry permit is approved, enjoy and use it for the whole 2 years of the validity period!

Visit the US with ESTA for up to 90 days (three months) at a time! Which is just enough to take a road trip across all of the east coast, try visiting some of these places:

#1 The Acadia National Park

This one is the most visited national park in “Pine Tree State” Maine. With its rugged and varied landscape, this park offers breathtaking nature. It is a perfect place for hikers, mountain bikers, and campers. But watch out for the grizzly.

#2 The Freedom Trail in Boston

The four-kilometre Freedom Trail is marked as a line on the sidewalks. It takes the visitor to the essential points of the independence movement, for which Boston played a significant role. There are many historical landmarks along the way, from the Bunker Hill Monument to the Old State House.

#3 The Newport Folk Festival

A must for music lovers. Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and all the greats of blues and folk music have already played at this festival. The festival has been taking place with interruptions since 1959. A visit here is worth it because tradition and modernity are combined here.

#4 Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City is a giant fairground. The ten-kilometer-long coastline has wholly developed into a typical American fairground. 

#5 5th Monument Avenue

Those who like monumental travel, then consider Richmond. This city not only housed the seat of government of the southern states during the civil war, it still shows the fascinating architecture and the work of Thomas Jefferson.

#6 The Statue of Liberty in New York

Built between 1876 and 1886, the 90-meter-high colossal statue in the New York harbor entrance watches over the freedom of the western world. It is accessible, and those who dare to climb will be rewarded with an unforgettable view of the New York skyline.

Statue of Liberty overlooking lower Manhattan and New York harbor

#7 Central Park

Another highlight in New York. The huge Central Park is one of the largest city parks globally and the green lung of the city. In addition to a zoo and a lake, it is ideal for sports or a picnic. And don’t worry, New York is one of the safest cities today. Because since the ’90s, crime in Central Park has made sad headlines.

#8 The White House in DC

The seat of government of the American President in Washington can be visited. There are regular tours. Each room represents pure American history. The President of the USA rules from the White House and makes important political decisions with his decision-making body. The white house can be viewed from the front and back, but it is impossible to enter the property.

#9 Little Havana in Miami

This part of Miami, Florida, is almost a Cuban exclave. Latin American serenity dominates here, excellent restaurants, many small shops. As a tourist, there is a lot to discover, taste, see and hear. It is an excursion for all the senses.

#10 The Everglades

This pristine marshland is not only notorious for the alligators. The inhabitants are also of a particular kind. Nobody will forget a trip with the airboat through the mangrove swamps. The Everglades is the largest wetland in the United States. It is estimated that over 1 million alligators live there in the wild.

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