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Teach fitness while you travel: the healthiest way to see the world

We all dream of doing nothing but travelling for a while, living out of a suitcase as we move from placid beaches to craggy rock formations to bustling cityscapes. Yet our passport sits in the bottom drawer as we agonise over one question – how could I afford to do any of that?

You could live like a pauper, Kerouacing your way across country, along dusty train tracks and in the backs of strangers’ cars – but that’s hardly safe, and it’s far from luxurious.

As ever, a healthy lifestyle could be the answer to your prayers. Why? Because there’s one job that seldom requires more than a fitness mat, a headful of knowledge and the ability to make connections fast – a personal fitness trainer.

Indeed, finding a job you can travel with is the ideal way to see sights and still stay flush. So why not stay fit while you backpack?

That’s not to say this is an easy route to take. Before you’ve skedaddled from your home city, you’ll have to prepare to be a fitness pro who’s on the road.

So what do you need to know before you’ve booked your first Eurail pass?

Get qualified

No one from a foreign land will pay the slightest bit of attention to a scrawny backpacker claiming they’re a personal trainer – UNLESS they’ve got a qualification that proves their mettle.

Various gym instructor courses are available online, and the cream of the crop are fully accredited and guaranteed to help you finesse fitness programmes for citizens the world over.

Flash your qualifications to clients and you’ll gain a little more respect from anyone looking for a decent training specialist.

Know how to get connected

Connecting with the right people in a city is difficult if you’ve lived there for years, let alone if you’re a foreigner who’s just arrived. And it’ll take a lot more than a suave Don Draper-like charisma to gain the correct connections.

Use social media to find clients before you hit the city. Place adverts on local forums, check backpacking websites for vacancies and make sure you know all the local gyms in your area. If you require a longer term vacancy, you’ll need to send off applications before you’ve arrived.

Book hotels with private gyms

Plenty of hotels have their own gyms, although these can be expensive. But if you’re planning on operating personal fitness courses, wouldn’t you fancy a home base to operate from?

Before conducting any training with a client, clear your business with the hotel manager. No one wants an argument that might see them ejected from their place of residence.

Either way, the benefits of becoming a personal trainer are manifold. You’ll stay fighting fit, rake in cash and see the world – what more could you want?

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