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Stunning Australia: Places You Should Live At Least Once

There are certain places in the world that, when we see them crop up on Instagram or travel blogs, we stop for a second and stare, and ask the universe why we weren’t born there. Australia is one of those places. Australia is a rare phenomenon when it comes to lifestyle and, more specifically, the lifestyle we wish we could enjoy.

It has everything; huge vibrant cities and gorgeous little town, impossibly golden beaches and a vast red outback and, to to top it all off, it is also home to some of the most awesome islands anywhere on the planet.

The choice is fantastic. But, as anyone who has ever stepped foot in a restaurant will attest, choice can also make life hard. That’s what we’re here to help you with, so sit back, relax, read and enjoy.

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There is so much to love about this city, and that is because there is something for everyone; not least its rich history, diversity and culture. But if that hasn’t convinced you, there are also trams. Yes, you heard us right, trams. On top of this, Melbourne is known for its music scene.

Actually it’s entire entertainment scene is well-renowned; it’s a gorgeously vibrant city with an incredibly creative energy. Of course, it is also known for having all four seasons come and go in one day, but we like that spontaneity, and we love our winters to resemble so sort of winter. But if that is tipping you the other way, how about this: less than hour away from Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road, one of the country’s greatest attractions; a 250 km stretch of road that hugs the ocean. Wow.


This isn’t just one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, it is one of the most staggering cities in the world; not least because it is surrounded by gorgeous azure waters. Sydney Harbour is breathtaking, and the home to some of the most picturesque spots as well as some of the most incredible events, such as their fireworks display.

But this isn’t all. Sydney has the best beaches, the best weather, the the best art scene, and the best places to eat, not to mention it’s plethora of fantastic day trips and adventures that surround it. Basically, it is surrounded by unparalleled vistas; just imagine waking up in the morning and looking out over a vibrant city and an endless ocean.


This city is fast asserting itself as the place to be. It’s nickname of ‘Big Country Town’ has been washed away by a tide of change on three fronts: economic, social and cultural. Nowadays, Brisbane has it all. It’s got great weather, a great vibe, a modern look and, best of all, fantastic access.

We’re talking beaches. Actually, it has something for everyone, or at least a suburb for everyone. Want busy and bustling, choose an inner burb. If you want beaches, go eastern burbs, somewhere like Bayside. If you want space and lots of it, go west. This array of choice makes it a top pick, especially if you’re a family.


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