Are You a Stress Traveller? If so, here’s how you can avoid it

Relaxing near sun-soaked beaches and traversing through selling mountains may sound like anyone’s dream job. Sure, people who travel for a living or work as digital nomads may get many shots to post on Instagram, but their life isn’t all about relaxing and enjoying the thrill of exploring the world.

Travelling can take a stress both mentally and physically especially to those who are constantly on the move. This is why we’ve brought you some simple tips to destress and take it easy while on the road.

Five top tips to avoid stress while traveling

  1. Simplify your travel goals: Being out on the road is a significant achievement in itself, which is why you need to go easy on checking off things on the “To-Do” list. Soak in the sights and sounds of the part and your destination without fixating too much on getting things done. The spontaneous, take your time in doing things and let the experience of the true nomad takeover.
  2. Organise time to relax: Set a time to treat yourself to something cheap but relaxing like an hour long massage. This is especially easy if you’re travelling through Asia as the massages are both cheap and very good. Best is a full body massage, but if you’re in a rush even just a quick head massage will help you shake off those stress goblins. Paulina from Varda Spa remarked “You would not believe how many travellers we get who feel even more stressed than the corporate executives who pop in during their lunch break. Travel, though very exciting, can really stress you out if you’re not careful”.
  3. Eat healthily: No aspect of our daily routine perhaps becomes more irregular than our diet. While traveling, you will not be able to eat on time every day and also won’t often be eating what your body is used to. It’s always a good idea to stay away from processed foods because your body is more susceptible to falling sick when you’re out on the road. Bad diet combined with stress can often lead to diarrhoea, very common for travellers and really inconvenient if you’re in transit. There is nothing like diarrhoea on a plane to ruin your mood.
  4. Get exercise: If you think you are in need to work out just because you’re constantly going places, then think again! Nothing beats travel stress more than exercise as it relaxes the body and mind while increasing overall energy, so a quick travel workout is exactly what you need. It also helps you to sleep better and get rid of the toxins, thus giving you a happy feeling. Sure, finding time to exercise while moving can be tough, but it’s the one thing you have to manage anyhow.
  5. Be aware of physical changes: Not sticking to a set routine can cause your nervous and immune system to take a hit, which is why you have to take note if something feels different. Some of the stress-related problems are hair loss, weakened immune system, depression, irregular periods, digestive problems, sleeping problems, among others. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then it’s a time to see a doctor.
  6. Go slow: While setting up routines and deadlines is necessary to get the feeling of accomplishment, focusing too much on getting from point A to point B will take a toll on your body. While the thrill of being constantly “on a chase” might be enthralling for the first few days, or maybe even for the first few weeks, you’ll eventually learn how much it’s making you stressed. It’s totally normal if you stay over at one place more than you planned to because that’s what being free is all about.

These are some of the core essentials of stress management you must keep in mind the next time you’re on your journey. Happy and safe travels can come easy if you’re quick on your feet and smart with your mind. So, happy travels!

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