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Staying Healthy in Your Retirement

You made it to retirement and want to enjoy your golden years. Listed below are a few tips to sustain your health and make the most of your earned time off. 

Staying Active

As you grow older your body needs regular exercise to maintain healthy muscles, flexibility, and proper internal functions. Improving cardio health is also essential. The good news is that keeping active doesn’t mean you have to hit the treadmill daily. Workouts like taking silver sneakers classes get you up and moving to music. It keeps you moving while having fun. Yoga is another exercise that strengthens the body, improves flexibility and balance. 

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A Proper Diet

It’s easy to go off the grid of a good diet in retirement. After all, time constraints are no longer an issue. It’s fine to dine out every now and then. However, many restaurants add preservatives, salts, and sugar to enhance flavor. Instead, make your nightly dinners interesting. Since you have the time, find new healthy recipes. Who knows, you may find a few that become family favorites. When out and about enjoying the sights, take along a snack pack consisting of fresh fruits, nuts, yogurt, and vegetables. You’ll consume fewer calories, remain fit, and feel energized. 

Regular Checkups

During your retirement, you want to be able to remain independent and active. You know your body. If you sense that something isn’t quite right, see your doctor. Regular checkups will prevent a minor condition, disease, or illness from taking a turn for the worse. If you don’t have a primary physician, find one. Having someone familiar with your medical history can make all the difference in the world. 

Quit Procrastinating

You want to see the world. Now that you’re retired the time is at hand. Don’t put off your dreams for another day. Procrastination will prevent it from ever happening. Instead, make a pact to vacation at least two times each year to new and exciting destinations around the world. Plan a trip to Thailand in the spring and Europe in the fall. It’s something you can then check off your bucket list. 

Maya bay of Phi-Phi island

The Importance of Socializing and your Mental Health 

You left your job where you worked with many people. Now in retirement, you and your spouse live alone. It’s a big adjustment that can affect older folks, giving them a feeling of isolation. One way to avoid this is to get out and socialize with peers in your age group. Join a seniors group, the YMCA, play Bingo, or form a weekly Bridge club. The point is to stay connected to the outside world.

Maintain a Routine

In retirement, you no longer have to set an alarm and get ready for work. You don’t have to eat or sleep at any particular time. Initially, it’s fine. However, after a few weeks with no set schedule, you lose the urge to be anywhere at any time. Keeping a daily routine that’s flexible offers an alternative that benefits you. Your body and mind are used to a particular routine and removing it entirely will leave you depressed and filled with anxiety. 

Work Part-Time

Many retirees like to work. They find that a sudden work-free schedule doesn’t make them feel good. If you want to work in retirement, take on a part-time job. It doesn’t need to be anything that requires you to be somewhere at a certain time. There are many jobs such as Lyft, Uber, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub where you sign in when you want to work and sign off when you want to end the workday. You can also opt to make crafts or do freelance writing online to bring in a few extra bucks to help fund your retirement. 

You can enjoy your golden years if you have regular checkups and remain active. 

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