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Road Rockstar: 4-Port Passenger Car Charger

I don’t know what road trips are like for you and your family but for me, it always ends up in a  fight for the car’s one and only charger and due to excessive game playing or hours of chatting with friend or playing on Facebook or keeping the kids (or adult kids) occupied on the tablet.

Road Rockstar: 4-Port Passenger Car Charger

Belkin has come up with the perfect solution (thank you!)…. Introducing the Road Rockstar, a 4 port USB car charger, 2 USB charger points in the front and 2 USB charger points in the back.

2 USB charger points in the back, I bet you’re wondering “how is that possible”? (well maybe not but ill tell you how anyway).  It’s possible with the 6ft cable extending the additional USB hub to the backseat passengers. Now the whole family can have a dedicated USB charger point!

Both charger points (both front and back) are suitable for both Smartphones and tablets, supplying 2.4A per charger point.

The “back seat” USB hub has a removable clip for fastening it to a fold in back of  the seat (depending on the style of your seats), to ensure it is secure and not damaged on the car floor. Otherwise the Road Rockstar also comes with 3M double sided sticky tape to be mounted on another easy to reach surface in the car.

Road Rockstar: 4-Port Passenger Car Charger

Quick facts:

  • Charge 4 devices at once
  • 2 USB ports for driver and passenger, while 2 USB ports extend to the backseat passengers.
  • Extend USB ports to the back
  • The 6ft cable allows for backseat passengers to easily access the charger.
  • Compatible with most cars

Plugs into cars CLA and then clips to driver/passenger backseat pocket for easy accessibility to charging ports.

What’s in the Road Rockstar box:

  • Road Rockstar
  • Velcro Cable Management
  • 3M Double-sided Adhesive Tape Strip

Reasonably priced at: $59.95 AUD (plus shipping)

Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW)

Connected equipment warranty provides consumers with the confidence that their device is protected for up to $2,500 when properly connected.

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