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Reasons To Escape With the Family To The Arctic In 24 Hours

Baby blue, gray blue and gray icebergs in Esperanza in Antarctica floating in the steel blue water of the Southern Ocean. Cloudy sky is above.

You would assume that the Arctic is a place that only penguins and scientists frequent. Still, you’d be surprised to know that visitors have been flying over it and to it for many years and you can even visit the Arctic on a private charter plane with your whole family, kids included. Experiencing 24 hours in the Arctic can be life-changing.

Oddly enough, the Arctic is not always at the top of your mind when thinking about which location to spend your family summer holidays relaxing. The Arctic is a must-visit vacation spot which has breathtaking natural beauty, incredible wildlife and outdoor fun and activities at every turn. It’s now more accessible than ever.

If you are being held back by the cold-weather reports, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is actually really warm in the Canadian Arctic in the summer months.

If you’re looking for a Christmas holiday to enjoy with the family in the Arctic, then why not go and visit Santa? You can even take a trip to see the northern lights or sleep at an ice hotel.

Why You Should Escape To The Arctic – In The Summer

Endless Sunsets

Watch icebergs twinkling in the midnight glow of the sun on the horizon. It will sure look like the sun is setting for a long time as it doesn’t fully set here.

Long days are one of the most spectacular aspects of Arctic summer.

Twenty-four hours of sunshine allows for continuous adventures and extended hours of fun, visitors to the Arctic in the summer months don’t have to worry about the sun setting before completing their activities as it stays light for a long time. 

When the days start shortening later in the season visitors can still enjoy up to 17 hours of sunshine. Endless sunsets are a joy to see, for the whole family.

Tromso, Norway - View of the sunset over the Tromso harbor. Tromso lies in Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle

Get Closer To The Wildlife

Arctic summers are bursting with wonderful wildlife. Whether you’re out at sea or your feet are firmly on land, you’ll see some spectacular animals so you’d better have your cameras at the ready!

You will have the opportunity to get spectacular shots of magnificent walrus lounging on ice, mysterious narwhal colonies, wandering polar bears, massive bowhead whales and more captivating animals, depending on the region.


Enjoy Outdoor Adventures With The Family

The Arctic boasts some of the most magnificent hiking trails you’ll ever experience with beautiful scenery and wildlife displays especially inside of Canada’s most spectacular park; Auyuittuq National Park.

Enjoy kayaking and wild berry picking with the whole family too. There are many things to write home about from the Canadian Arctic, including boating, snorkelling, fishing and animal spotting. You’ll be unexpectedly spoilt for choice when it comes to family activities outdoors.

Why You Should Escape To The Arctic – In The Winter

Visit Santa In Lapland (Finland)

The best time to experience Santa Claus Village in Finland is around the Christmas period. Wintertime here is an absolute treat for visitors, and there are a lot of exuberating outdoor experiences to be had here including meeting all nine of Santa’s reindeer’s, sleeping inside a glass igloo and going on a sledge ride through the snow.

Couple in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi new

Stay In An Ice Hotel In Sweden

If the thought of waking up in a cosy sleeping bag in an ice-sculpted frozen hotel, then you should consider a trip to the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. Located in the peaceful village of Jukkasjärvi and 200km from the Arctic Circle, this hotel is a once in a lifetime kind of hotel and should be experienced, even if only for one night.

bed of ice in a hotel room ice

See The Northern Lights

Norway is one of the most beautiful places on the planet to marvel at the Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights. During the day, you could stay in a picturesque and colourful Norwegian fishing village and then fly to the tundra to enjoy a spectacular view of the northern lights during the night.

Incredible Northern lights Aurora Borealis activity above the coast

Sometimes, 24 hours is all you need to spare for a great winter break to the Arctic.

The Arctic provides the experience of a lifetime that no other destination can compare to for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, families and adventure seekers too.

Although you may want to get into the holiday spirit with a trip to the Arctic, it is not always ideal to take too much time away from work and family obligations. The law in the UK means that Parents can be penalised for taking their kids out of school to go on vacation, so unless you’re able to travel during half-term holidays, you may find yourself in bother with the law and the school admin. Sometimes, you only have the weekend, or 24 hours to make our exciting trip to the Arctic possible. Without breaking any rules.

When travelling to the Arctic, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it is best to pay a little extra and fly on a private charter jet. This will ensure your flights aren’t delayed, cancelled, you aren’t left stranded, and you don’t have to queue up with hundreds if not thousands of other travellers slogging it to the same destination. 

A pilot strike in Norway left thousands of travellers stranded throughout the country in early September 2019. While it was extremely annoying for people in Oslo, Bergen, and other big cities, those on private jets were able to get to and from the country with ease.

Travelling to the Arctic can be an excellent experience for families the world over, it can bring you closer to each other and assist you in creating warm and beautiful memories you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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