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Pro tip:  Travel your roots – Discover your ancestral roots through travel!

Historic houses in the Cotswold village of Castle Combe, described as the prettiest village in England and a major tourist destination close to the city of Bath and Stonehenge.

Heritage tourism is becoming a thing. We are increasingly seeing it everywhere, even on the internet. For instance, African Americans going to African countries and seeing the cultures to help reconnect with their ancestry, or go on a trip to Europe or Asia and seeing their ancient ancestry of these parts of the world. It is not surprising to see that more people are seeking to connect with different cultures and countries more closely, especially from countries like Canada or the United States.

However, what happens if you want to explore a different destination from the usual places, yet have no idea where to go? A new approach to finding destinations is on its way; uncover your ancestry not only with science, but also through travel.  It may sound like a novelty idea, since you can choose to go anywhere you want, but it also coincides with the rise of heritage tourism. In addition, more people want to know what their genealogy looks like, so there is no better way to do so than this method.

What is DNA travel about?

Believe it or not, DNA travel tours are actually real. This is a very recent trend that began mainly in the 2010s, and it involves the travel to countries that you might have a relationship with in terms of your heritage. Before you set out on this trip, it first involves knowing the results of your heritage, and that is where a DNA test steps in.

You order a DNA test and take it, then send the sample and wait for the results. The results you get determine your next journey and where it leads you.

When you send the sample, keep in mind that it will be handled by very experienced technicians, and there is major use of algorithms that give the possible results of your ethnicity. They use segments of DNA from other regions of the globe, and use it along with DNA from distant relatives to determine your parentage and ancestry lines.

The main components of the entire heritage tour are:

  • A pre-trip review of your family history
  • The ancestry DNA kit itself
  • An ancestry genealogist

This means that you have a chance to have your entire family history analyzed, with some information going as far back as the 1700s and 1800s.

Why is a DNA test important?

The truth remains that heritage travelling is increasing steadily in popularity. Many people now want to uncover their family roots, to get a sense of close feeling to their ancestry and cultural background. Efforts to increase this has led to people discovering lineages from places they hardly thought of, and makes them want to go there and see the culture for themselves.

Many tour companies and travel agents from around the world are also recognizing the increasing demand and value of these heritage trips, and are teaming up with the DNA experts to get clients and organize tours. The best thing about traveling today is that you do not need to arrange everything on your own; especially if you are heading there alone and have little to no familiarity with the place.

All the tours in question take you to different places in the vicinity, and you get a sense of what your family ancestry was like and what they experienced. It all depends on what you want to do, and you can adjust the schedule according to how much you want to see. For instance, you may only want to see the country itself, while someone else might want to go to specific areas where their relatives may have lived and probably find some distant relatives.

GHENT,BELGIUM - - At the Vrijdagmarkt place of Ghent. Ghent is a city and a municipality in the Flemish Region of Belgium.

Final thoughts

Delving into the past is not for everyone, and heritage trips might not be your thing. However, they are quite the feat for some people, especially those that are seeking to find out about their cultures in new ways – and that makes doing a DNA test worthwhile.

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