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Picture Perfect: Top Tips for Better Holiday Snaps

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There is nothing more frustrating than getting back from your holiday to discover that half of your photographs have black smudges in the corner where your thumb has been over the lens or that you have chopped off half of your partner’s head in some of the shots. We all like to think that taking photographs is a breeze, until we see the end result that is. With that in mind, take a look at our top tips for better holiday photographs…

  • Invest in a quality camera – There is only one place to begin, and this is with your equipment. You will never be able to take amazing holiday photographs if you are using a poor quality camera. Think about the type of photos you want to take and find a camera that will provide you with what you’re looking for. For example, you could opt for a vintage-style camera if you want to take old school shots with plenty of character. It’s also advisable to read reviews online before making any purchase.
  • Plan ahead – We have all been there: you book an exciting trip, you can’t wait to take some amazing photographs, and then your camera dies on you two shots in. It is important to make sure your batteries are charged and that you have cleared your memory card.
  • Take a variety of shots – It is always a good idea to take a mixture of shots so that you have numerous photos to choose from upon review. From photos that focus on one subject to wide shots that show the entire scene, a variety of photographs will tell the entire story.
  • Zoom in on the details – For photos with an artistic touch, zoom in on the details. You should fill the frame with your entire subject. For example, if you are visiting a traditional market, why not zoom in on the produce that is being sold?
  • Watch your shutter speed – Unless you are going for intentional blur, you should have your shutter speed as fast as you can get it if you are taking photographs when in motion. After all, a lot of photos that are taken on holiday are captured while you are in a moving coach or car.
  • Avoid the cliché – Last but not least, avoid the clichéd shots when visiting popular tourist attractions. Resist the urge to simply throw people in front of something and snap a photograph. Think about yourself as an artist and look for a unique way to capture something that has been photographed time and time before.

Hopefully, you now feel ready to take some better shots next time you go on your vacation. From investing in a quality camera to planning ahead, it’s not only about your approach to taking photos, but it’s also about the tools you use and the preparation you put in. You can then use the advice provided to build upon this with an amazing and varied selection of photographs.

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