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Off the Grid

The world has a few premier destinations that people always want to visit because of their uniqueness or place in global history. People fly to Los Angeles for the superstars, the studios and even the Hollywood sign; they fly to Las Vegas to gamble and party the night away in a fit of debauchery only Sin City can produce; and they ultimately fly to New York or its sister cities Paris, Milan and Tokyo for all of the fashion and upscale trends. But what about the rest and relaxation cities, where do they go then? Private jet charters to Cabo San Lucas, Miami, St Barth’s and St Tropez are common, but let’s say you’re not looking for common. What are some of the off-the-grid areas you can fly to for comfortable leisure? Air Charter Service already covered travelling to Little Cayman in the Cayman Islands, Sark Island in the Channel Islands and Plage Blanche in Morocco. However, there are a whole host of other gems to visit including the ones below:


If you fancy yourself in closer kinship to a polar bear or a penguin because most places are just too warm for you, then a trip to Antarctica may be what you’re looking for. Antarctica is considered one of the most remote places on earth and only the most serious travellers, including scientists nowadays, are willing to make their way there. The fact that there are now a number of research facilities in the area means that the continent is more accessible than ever. One of the more extreme locations around the scientific facilities is Deception Island. The island contains an active volcano and is only accessible by boat. According to Air Charter Service, a trip from London to Antarctica takes 19 – 20 hours of flight, with a fuel stop en route.



According to Bloomberg, as part of their Wi-Fi-free, relaxing getaways, this private island resort has recently been revamped and is now even more secluded than ever before. The island contains 25 thatched villas starting at $4,600 for two per night, all inclusive. The villas themselves are found among coconut plantations and deserted beaches and the staff-to-guest ratio is five staff members to one guest. To get there, it’s easy to fly commercially to Brisbane and then take a charter from there.



Lizard Island recently completed its $50 million renovation, following the devastation left by Cyclone Ita. Starting at just $1,015 per night for two, all-inclusive, Lizard Island is one of the few resorts adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. The island is only accessible by light aircraft and has an 80 guest maximum capacity. With 24 untouched white-sand beaches and limited cell reception and internet access, this is truly an area you wish to visit when you want to go off the grid. All you have to do is fly into Cairns from any major Australian city and take a 60-minute private plane (approximately $630) to the island.


Another archipelago with an active volcano which last erupted less than a 100 years ago, the British Overseas Territory of Tristan da Cunha is said to be the single most remote inhabited island in the world; following from Antarctica being the most remote place. The nearest land is South Africa which is 1,700 miles away. The rugged island is home to a total population well under 300 people who are descendents of British, Italian and American settlers. Most people on the island work as farmers and craftsmen; however, the island does have its own TV station and internet via satellite, just in case you want to periodically be on-the-grid.



Most of the areas that are off-the-grid require you to plan beforehand, particularly the transport and accommodation you want to get when you get there. Enjoy the comfort of a private charter as your means to get there and not only will you be ready to tackle your itinerary; you’ll also be one of the few people where you are. Bring your friends along, make it merrier and make sure that the enjoyment doesn’t stop whether stepping onto the plane, or travelling by scooter once you’ve reached chosen destination.

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