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Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

With New Years approaching, it’s time to get planning. You might have a standing tradition, and your plans are in place, but if you’ve never been the biggest of celebrators, you might enjoy doing something a little different instead.

If you’re wracking your brains, trying to think what you can do to see the year out with a bang (and not at a party), why not try a romantic escape? It could also team up as an incredible Christmas present for a loved one. You might even want to drag along the entire family or a group of friends too. There are so many places that are beautiful and amazing to see, regardless of your budget.


Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

First up, a New Years spent in Thailand seems to be a New Years well spent. With Thailand, you have a wealth of culture and experience at your fingertips. Not only can you choose between a range of beautiful beaches and insightful cities, but the people, sights, and food are on a whole other level. When you decide on Thailand, all you have to do is image the view you’ll be seeing as the New Year chimes in.

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Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

There’s a reason they say Paris is the most romantic city in the world. The streets are decorated with love, the views are breathtaking, and there is any air of romance wherever you look. If you’re looking to take a trip with a loved one this New Year, why not make it Paris? Take a few days to see the sights, visit the museums and eat as many macarons as your blood sugar can take.

The Caribbean

Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

There’s something in the idea of spending the cold days of New Years in a winter sun paradise. If you want to get away from winter, then the Caribbean is calling. Choose your island, book one of the many luxury villas available and plan how to spend your days. If lounging on the beach with a coconut cocktail in hand isn’t alluring enough, the snorkeling, dancing and entertainment sure will be.


Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

Perhaps you want a home from home feel for New Year’s Eve? The why not head to the British capital and act like the tourist you’re dying to be? Snap a picture with the guards, visit Madame Tussauds, see Big Ben and make sure to visit Winter Wonderland while you’re there. You can’t always rely on the British weather to make your trip a blast, but the choice of hotels, restaurants, and shows make it all better.

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The Alps

Not A New Years Party Fan? Travel In Style Instead

And then, there’s the idea of spending the end of one year and the start of another in a winter paradise itself. If you love to ski and can think of nothing better than a cute log cabin to be cooped up in this winter, then it’s The Alps you should be heading to this New Year’s Eve. Whichever country you choose to stay in, you can find yourself having an incredible New Years to fit your budget and taste, without any limits.

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