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Why New York Should Be Your Next Romantic Destination Of Choice

When we think of a romantic vacation, certain destinations immediately spring to mind. Paris is widely regarded as the most romantic city in the world, and Venice is also a hot spot for couples wanting a bit of time to themselves. But by only seeing these two destinations as romantic, you are closing yourself off to many other fantastic places you could visit with your significant other! An example of this is the Big Apple – otherwise known as New York City. While this American super city probably isn’t your first choice for a romantic break, don’t stop reading! It may just surprise you, as it boasts the perfect amount of tourism and romantic activities to really put a spring in your relationship. Here are just some of the reasons why we think New York is a great place to visit on a couple’s vacation.

Why New York Should Be Your Next Romantic Destination Of Choice

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Central Park

If you are heading to New York for a romantic escape, it would be a crime to not visit the beautiful Central Park! The world’s most famous park has served as a backdrop for many romantic comedies in the past, and now it can be the backdrop to your own love story too. This area of greenery stretches across over three kilometers and has many scenic spots in which you and your partner can relax away from the madness of the city’s crowds. Be sure to pay a visit to the pool, where willow trees drip into shimmering waters. The Belvedere Castle also looks like something out of a fairy tale, so make sure you get a cute picture in front of that. The truly amazing thing about Central Park is that it looks great all year round, whether it is under the cover of snow or bathed in summer sunlight. 


The fun doesn’t just stop at Central Park, however! There are plenty of romantic activities you can do with your lover in New York city, as it is such a diverse place. Head over to one of the many luxury restaurants to enjoy some fine dining against the sparkling city backdrop, and of course, take a tour up the world famous Statue of Liberty. If you can, try and get a private tour for just the two of you. You could also plan something fun such as wine tasting nyc – as long as you don’t go overboard with the free samples!

Why New York Should Be Your Next Romantic Destination Of Choice

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Places to stay

New York is one of the most glamorous places on the planet, with its bright lights and impossibly high sky scrapers. If you want to feel as though you and your partner are living the dreamy New York lifestyle, why not book yourself into a luxury hotel? The Lowell and the Crosby Street Hotel both offer sophisticated opulence, while the Ludlow offers spectacular 180 degree views around the city. You budget doesn’t need to be busted either – many of these hotels offer something for everyone, whether that’s a cozy double room or a 1000 square foot loft penthouse.

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  1. Peggy

    I lived in NYC for a year and agree – NYC is very romantic, and not just in and around Central Park. Of course there’s snowfall and autumn leaves and fireflies in the park, but there’s also cocktails on a rooftop bar with the lights of the Empire State lit up, or the ferry ride to Staten Island in the winter while sharing cups of hot chocolate, and – my favourite – Brooklyn Bridge Park with stunning views of Manhattan.

  2. Samantha - Travelling King

    Awesome Tips Peggy! Would love to collaborate on something!

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