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MOOV NOW – Wearable Technology Review

MOOV NOW™ wearable coach gives you real-time audio coaching to correct form, minimize injury and push your limit.

MOOV NOW - Wearable Technology Review

Design and fit:

The band is light and slim and has holes for “breathability. The Moov Now is fairly comfortable to wear during workouts and when you go to bed. I did find out night that the pod (inside the band) had come out in a particularly restless sleep and once when I put a jacket on however other than this its been fairly secure.

I have found that due to the holes for “breathability I havent got any rashes or irritations that I have had with other fitness trackers.


Provides realtime coaching tips and feedback in a large variety of exercise programs through the app.

You received 2 straps in the box (small and large), you can use the larger one for you ankle. Select the Run & Walk program via the app and the app will provide real-time coaching feedback directly you as you walk or jog. Eg: “Step quicker, or push off the ground more. It not only coaches you on your pace but can help to correct bad form.

One of the coolest features is  that the MOOV NOW is waterproof up to three meters, so you can wear it in the pool. The Swim program in the app doesn’t provide real-time coaching (as you may not be able to wear it), but once you’re out of the pool, you can check data on lap times, flip-turn times, and stroke rate.

The battery life is 6 months! Which is excellent – the current fitness trackers (Jawbone UP3 and Fitbit surge) require charging at least once a week.

The Cardio boxing  session essientally needs 2 Moov Now devices (one for each wrist) to get accurate readings during this work out. However if you only have one Moon Now it will still work.

MOOV NOW - Wearable Technology Review

The app:

The Moov Now app is really easy to use and syncs super easily, all you need to do is turn your Bluetooth on and lightly press the top of the pod, it will flash a red light and sync up to your phone.

You can see at the top of the app, a section that shows how active you have been, if you tap into this it brings up a small graph and shows the time you have been asleep and active. You are able to edit the sleep tab incase they get it wrong however cant edit the active tab – which I would have liked to do this morning with my work out.

There are 10 programs with 200 variations and fitness levels.

Currently, the “Run & Walk” category has the most workouts, with five to choose from: Running Efficiency, Speed Endurance, Brisk Walking, Sprint Intervals, and Open Training.

While using the exercuise programs, you can still listen to your own music, the “Moov lady” (that guides you through the work out) will lower the music when she needs to advise what to do or upsdate you. The Moov Lady will chimed in with cadence update or provide pointers like “suck in your abs to keep the proper posture.” The Moov Now suggests different intensity levels for you depending on how well you did during previous intervals.


The MOOV NOW doesn’t count steps but active minutes (although id have read it tracks steps..?), I just finished a fairly difficult 35 min weight sessions and none of this was recorded however the walk to the shower and the shower was recorded…?

What you get in the box:

1 MOOV NOW™ core

1 battery

User guide

1 large band

1 small band

MOOV NOW - Wearable Technology Review



9-axis motion sensing system

  • Accelerometer

  • Gyroscope

  • Magnetometer


Diameter: 28 mm

Band length:

Small (Wrist): 22.5 cm

Large (Ankle) 32.5 cm

Battery life:

Active coaching mode: 100 hours (30 minutes of exercise per day for 200 days)

Activity tracking: 6 months


Fusion Red

Aqua Blue

Blizzard White

Stealth Black.

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Disclaimer: MOOV provided me with a new MOOV NOW for review. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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