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How to Make Your Business Travel Cheaper and Easier

Business travel can be a huge expense for your company, depending on how regularly your employees need to travel overseas. Not only does it cost businesses money, it also takes up company time organising trips and with meetings usually scheduled in the UK’s most expensive cities, making business travel cheaper and easier is a major concern for many UK companies. Here’s a few tips for making your business travel cheaper and easier which could help you reduce costs and make business travel way more affordable:

Draw up a Clear Policy

If you have a clearly defined business travel expenses policy in your workplace, it means there’s no room for disputes about how much employees can claim back on expenses which can cause complications further down the line. Be sure that all employees have a digital copy of the policy and are briefed on the full terms and conditions, then should there be a disagreement about what’s available on expenses later along the line you can refer to the policy to smooth out any issues.

Plan Ahead & Budget

Be sure to budget for how much everything is going to cost before you start shelling out for different aspects of the trip as this is when travel expenses can get out of control without you really noticing. Using the services of a company like Air Plus can really help when it comes to budgeting as they centrally pay and settle all travel expenses on your company’s behalf. This makes the process of paying all your business travel expenses much easier and more streamlined, helping you to save on both time and money.

Book in Advance When Possible

Booking your business travel well ahead in advance is always recommended. This way you’ll be able to secure the best deals on train tickets which tend to be released about 3 months in advance and you’ll also be able to secure rooms in the nearest and best located hotels for important meetings. Although it’s not always possible to plan so far ahead, it’s always recommended for those meetings that occur on a regular basis so you can be super prepared and make considerable savings.

By following these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to shave off many of the most challenging and costly aspects of business travel, making great savings and reducing your company outgoings considerably.

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